12 ways Coinbase customer services can make you rich

Why not make money by trading cryptocurrencies?
Trading of cryptocurrency involves the buying of digital currency and getting an instant exchange into and out of your local currency.
Interesting right!
Yeah, there is a platform to buy and sell your cryptocurrencies with fiat money.
Very few cryptocurrency exchangers are able to build a prominent name like COINBASE did.
Coinbase is a platform that provides you with the trading of your stored cryptocurrencies.
This San Francisco based company found in 2012, is a virtual exchange that allows you to buy and sell the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies, who already has 7.4 million users and counting, and is available in 32 countries worldwide.
And in just five years, it has managed to become the cornerstone of the blockchain market by giving access to the world’s biggest cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.
It is pretty much a one-stop shop for all the cryptocurrency traders by providing the exchange of cryptocurrency services as well as the wallet and merchant services.
Let’s have a look at how Coinbase and its services can make you rich:
• Join Coinbase
Join Coinbase by signing up, where you create a digital currency wallet and can securely store your digital currency.
Fill in your bank account details to connect your bank account, debit card or credit card to exchange the digital currency into your local currency for instant use.
And the next and very first thing you do after joining the Coinbase community is buying the digital currency.
What digital currency will you be forking in? Well, the Coinbase allows you to exchange various world’s popular cryptocurrencies.

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• Buy and sell Bitcoins
Bitcoin – the word on which the world is going viral.
The trade of bitcoins can be done via Coinbase.
Bitcoin was the first to get traded on Coinbase.
And, it still stands first in the queue of trading in Coinbase.
• Buy and sell Ethereum
Ethereum is also an open source software project as is associated with Bitcoin blockchain and has many other applications that usually go way beyond digital currencies.
You can trade Ethereum on Coinbase.
• Buy and sell Litecoin
Litecoin is considered to be the peer to peer cryptocurrency and an open source software project which is released under MIT/X11 license.
The trading of Litecoin stands in the queue after Bitcoin.
And, very soon Coinbase is set to launch the Litecoin cash too.
• Buy and sell Bitcoin cash
Bitcoin cash is currently one of the top cryptocurrencies in the market being traded worldwide.
This is actually a fork of Bitcoin classic created in August 2017.
Apart from trading, the various features of Coinbase including the customer services are insights which attracted millions towards it.
Some features like easy buying and selling of cryptocurrencies, customer and merchant tools, and many others mentioned below make Coinbase stand out among the rest in making you rich.
• Payment methods
The payment methods vary for every nation of the payment.
There are several payment methods for both small and large investments of the customers.
Though the payment methods are different, the payment for every customer belonging to the different nation is made in an average of 4-5 business days.
• Coinbase buy widget
This service provides the user with the 3rd party developer enabled to embed the Coinbase functionality into their websites and applications.
Coinbase buy widget allows users to buy bitcoin cash, bitcoin, and Litecoin into the addresses directly provided by the applications.
• Coinbase Protecting customer privacy
With the statement “Our customer’s privacy rights are most important to us”, Coinbase has been practicing to cooperate with the law and is concerned to protect the customer’s privacy prior to any government inquiries.
• Coinbase support
Coinbase has a virtual customer care center where a customer can get the details of his wallet and can also find various customer services like a vault, instant exchange etc., for the easy, safe and secured trading of the customers.
And this also has a request box where the account holders can file their complaints regarding issues faced by them.
• Coinbase Helpline
Coinbase is at its customer’s service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.
Coinbase provides different ways to the account holder to get their issues resolved without the hassle and quickly through its Coinbase customer services.
• Coinbase phone number
With “If you need me call me “tag, Coinbase has launched a Coinbase customer service where Coinbase customers are provided with the 24/7 phone agent services.
If you encounter the situation of unauthorized access to your account, then the Coinbase phone agents are available to assist you with general queries about Coinbase and Coinbase account.
You can contact them through the phone support number available at our website.
But for some security purposes, they will not be able to assist you with account details like order status, transactions made and account history.
For further details of your account, you can request your inquiry via email.
• Coinbase Email
Though the phone assistance is available 24/7, you may get no chance to get in contact because of your busy schedule.
In that case, Coinbase has an easy solution for your issue, you can request the solution for your issue by sending a detailed query in the e-mail.
Or for the personal details of your account, you can submit your request using the email address you used to sign in to Coinbase.
Choose relevance and sub relevance of the issue and make sure to provide the complete details regarding your issue for the fastest resolution.
• Coinbase Twitter
Coinbase uses Twitter to provide you the specific status updates regarding the Coinbase products.
So that you can be aware of every bit of Coinbase instantly and experience the best of it.
Look before you Leap
Coinbase support never askss any of its customers for any 2-factor authentication codes or passcodes or request to download the remote login software on your device.
If anyone with the above-mentioned requests claiming to be associated with Coinbase approaches to you, do not pass the information, instead inform the Coinbase support immediately. match customer service, match phone number, match technical support, match toll-free number, contact match customer service