1. I have tried a few times to retrieve or reset password but I’m getting nothing through

  1. My email is active and I still don’t get reset password/username sent to my email account
    I’ve checked under junk and still nothing
    Please help

  2. I been having problem w my POF account.i haven’t been able to get in my account in mos. I don’t know wats going on when I go to recovery I never receive a email from u guys to reset my password r account could u tell me wats going on.please thank u

  3. why cant i recover my password…not in junk folder….email activevand fine…never recieve reset password from you guys…problem is not on my end. cant log in to my account…

  4. I can’t seem to get my pof account going ND I’ve been on pof for years. First time this every happen can you help me recover my account thanks connie

  5. I want to reset my password while I’m on my iPhone in wales. But I don’t want my point account to simultaneously log me out on my to iPad in London ??

  6. I’m having trouble recovering my password I sent my email and I’m not receiving information on how to recover it.i gave my correct information.i don’t understand the problem.

  7. My Pof acct was hijacked and I was locked out until I changed the password, now their is some new profile of a girl, how do I change it back to mine?

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