1. Please cancel my subscription to POF my email address is sharewett@gmail.com and as I suffered from a stroke and was anaware that fees have been taken from my account, I would like a refund. The same thing happened with another site, OUR TIME, and they were good enough to refund me
    Kind regards

  2. Please cancel my subscription on April 30th. I can’t afford it anymore… Thank you for everything.

  3. Thank you for posting such an useful blog. It was very helpful for me to cancel my pof account. Your blog is written in very useful manner.

  4. Hi, I deleted my account by mistake. I paid 6 months £59.95 on a £10.00 per month plan. When I joined up again I lost my 6 month plan? So I joined up again and paid another £19.99 but it’s not starting till October when my old plan finishes? Can you please fix this for me because Ive paid a lot of money out. Thank you

  5. I was charged 16.99 POF tokens and charged on my Debit card. I didn’t issue this. Please refund

  6. Yes I would like to cancel my subscription for I did not authorize it somebody hacked my phone and I do not know who set up this profile under my account but obviously it was not authorized by me and I would like to cancel it immediately for I have a girlfriend and I’m not looking to find any buddy on a dating website it looks like hey subscription was purchased two days ago and it is for a 2 month membership that I do not want and did not authorize if you could please cancel it thank you

  7. on my iPhone POF subscription does not give me an unsubscribe option like my other apps. Why? and how do I cancel future charges without that option available to unsubscribe?

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