1. Cannot log into POF on iPhone 8+. I reset the password multiple times and none of them work. *I have not been active on my account for 4 months.

  2. It wants conformation but i have no clue what my previous cell number was that i used and it will not allow me to put in my current number

  3. i have being trying to log in pof on my iphone 7 but it is not logging in, it keeps telling me “it looks like your credentials were incorrect try logging in again”. my credentials are correct and it even logged in on my pc but it is not logging in on my iphone 7.

  4. I have been trying to login it will not allow me to “The site saying that they are looking for my match”!!!
    What is going on???

    1. Try to FIll Up the information with accurate date. it will work. if not work than try their customer service.

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