Contact Badoo Customer Service Helpline Support Number

Contact Badoo Customer Service Helpline Support Number

Badoo is an online dating social media website that gives a platform for people to discover and meet new people.

Badoo users can upload and share their photographs, videos, news, and information and create their online identity.

You can join this big community of 33 million+ users to make a move in finding your loved ones.

You can chat with interesting people, meet them and if your thoughts and views are likable you can start dating them and give life better options.

Badoo Customer Service Helpline Support

To ensure that kids with curiosity and exploration desires do not misuse the website which is harmful not only to them but others too, Badoo allows people above 18 years only to use their website.

Currently, Badoo is used in more than 200+ countries and is available in more than 47 languages and is one of the most popular dating App available on the market.

Badoo does not require any payment for registration like other dating websites as it runs on the Freemium model.

You can register and use it for free. Contact Badoo Customer Service Helpline Support Number

You can find Badoo on Play Store, Apple Stores and other App Stores with a cute logo of a red heart surrounded by a purple box.

Why Choose Badoo?

  • You can meet people you like through this platform with just installing Badoo and logging in with your right details.
  • Allows you to create your own profile, edit your profile, update them or delete if you want to discontinue using Badoo.
  • Meet around you: Allows you to meet people nearby just by suggesting their accounts to you. It also allows you to meet the people you bumped into or met without getting to know them. Hence a great platform to find your right one.
  • Meet around the globe: Allows you to meet people using Badoo from different cities and gives you a chance to explore outside the box and a chance to meet new and unexpected ones.
  • Encounters: You can swipe right on a profile you like and swipe left on a profile that you find less interesting. If the other person has already swiped right, you will be notified that it is a match and you can start chatting with them. If the person has not swiped right, and if they do it later, you will be notified about it.
  • Online Identity: Badoo allows you to create your Badoo profile and ensures privacy and security by not letting your personal information to be viewed by others. It also has an option of public viewing which it allows with your consent alone and which can be viewed by anyone who wishes to explore you and know you more. You can contact anyone you wish if they have kept their profile public or wait until they swipe right on your account.
  • Chatting: Badoo allows you to send text messages, audio chats and has also started video chat to make your love journey livelier.

Things you should know before using Badoo

  • Photo Verification: Users can upload their photographs striking any pose using photo verification. The photograph gets verified in less than a minute by Badoo moderators. You can find your celebrity crush look alike or any other look-alike you would love to meet.
  • Real Users: Badoo ensures safety to users by verifying its users and allowing only real, genuine users to use the website. Another smart feature of Badoo is the SELFIE REQUEST option where one user can request a selfie of the other user they are chatting with, to ensure that they are the same person as in their profile.
  • Badoo Freemium: Badoo does not need payment to use as it works on the Freemium model, making it usable by millions of people.
  • Badoo Popularity: This is a premium feature where you can pay to popularise your account by making it visible on the site.
  • Super Power: Another premium feature that allows the user to view more profile results. It allows the user to view who read their messages and who is interested in meeting them.
  • Registration: You can connect various social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by just answering a few security questions. You can import your friends from your email address and you can also import photos from other social networking sites.
  • Notification Management: No fuss over unwanted, useless messages or notifications. Badoo allows you to decide what kind of notifications and messages you want to view.
  • Superman Icon: Superman icon enables you to understand if you have superpowers or they are not applicable to you. iPhone battery icon gives you an estimation of your popularity level through which you can decide what needs to be done to popularize yourself to get yourself your desired date. Your popularity is based on your activity on Badoo. You are also rewarded with awards and you can view them on your profile. Through rewards or credits called coins, you can enable some desired features you want.
  • Know your partner better: Users can update their profiles with their drinking and smoking habits based on which you can decide where to take this chatting further.

How Badoo is different from the rest

Badoo is a visually focussed platform.

The best feature is how it allows you to meet that stranger you wanted to hang out with but could not do so because of circumstances.

It shows when and where you might have bumped into the other user.

With the increasing number of users, it is the best dating App ever.

You can send loving and cute digital gift until the chatting progresses to another stage.

The website is well-designed and attractive and is also very easy to navigate and use.

You can also enable location option through the mobile App.

Badoo is in the market for social networking for a decade or so but has always made sure to keep updated with the latest features.

With its various features including facial recognition, gaming features, etc., it is a must-have App.

If you are searching for a site to discover new people and keep your options open, then Badoo is perfect for you.

Do not forget to read their terms and conditions to have a pleasant and non-confusing experience.

Contact Badoo Customer Service Helpline | Technical Support 

Contact Badoo Customer Service Helpline Support Number