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I am hot and cold on the topic of online dating sites. I have heard of many success stories coming from this type program, but have also heard more of how much of a joke it is too. I believe the when you are trying to find a soulmate or partner; people connect more on a personal basis, not by what they say they are interests are.eharmony Customer Service LiveChat, Contact Eharmony Customer Service, Eharmony Customer Service Phone Number

These sites are a poor excuse not to get out and meet new people on a communicative basis instead of being behind a screen. It is a way of finding out who may be seeking a relationship, but it is easily abused as many people do hide behind the screen instead of meeting in person and getting to know each other on a personal basis.

It is precisely how our society is evolving, but it seems to be working for some, but it is not for everyone. So I am not confident in a website being able to “find true love.” This type of programming is an example of how people do personality testing, or how when you are in high school, and you fill out a survey to what your job will be when you are older.

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I don’t think it is useful, but some people can be lost and need that second opinion on what decision to make. They can try to attach the persons attributes to specific interests that would suit a particular job, etc.

I think that, as far as helping people find true love, harmony’s a success depends on the people utilizing the service. When emotional relationships are involved, the success of that relationship goes beyond math or any algorithm.

Sure, you may be able to find someone who fits your ‘list’ of wanted characteristics in a spouse, but there are so many other factors involved that this doesn’t guarantee a happy relationship. On the other hand, I think it is a brilliant move for e-harmony to use their algorithms to help people find the perfect job.

It makes sense that a formula would be able to formulate options based on interests, values, and opinions. It seems to me that e-harmony is developing into more of a lifestyle brand by offering tips and success in all aspects of people’s lives and although this may be helpful for a lot of people, it is up to the individual to utilize the site appropriately.

Eharmony Customer Service Helpline Phone Number

As far as other options for what the algorithm could be used for, maybe helping young couples or new grads find a city to live in. People could enter their ideal city based on cultural events, crime rates, traffic times, nightlife, income rates and so forth and be treated with a list of areas related to their search.

I think these online dating sites are somewhat bogus. Sure, you might end up finding the one you will marry on e-harmony, but how many potential matches did you have to go through or meet on a date before you found your prince charming? This is a fact that the people from e-harmony have yet to release (according to anything I’ve heard from them). I don’t think you can call it true love when you have potentially searched through other dozens of candidates; and the same from them.

Sites like e-harmony don’t match you with your perfect wife; they match you with someone who answered their questionnaire similar to how you did. I think the opposite goes for jobs. I firmly believe that the perfect position can be found using a company and algorithm such as e-harmony utilizes.

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Unlike finding love, the perfect job may be something holding characteristics you had never thought of before and had no idea existed. You don’t need to fall in love with the personality of a job, just its functionality. I don’t need to go into detail about why you shouldn’t just fall in love with a woman’s feature.

As for other potential applications for software such as this, maybe buying a home. Input characteristics of a home you would like to live in, such as bungalow or 2 stories, detached garage, open concept, refinished kitchen, old or new house, whatever. You input the data of what you would like in a house, and the program spits out homes that are potential matches in your area. Again, a lot different than finding true love in a future spouse.

True love is not something that can be so easily deciphered as one plus one. It is a complicated thing and is not so easy to find by trying to search for it online. People want to know that they can be loved unconditionally by someone without being born into that unconditional love.

This falls under the social needs tier in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and it is from this need that companies are trying to manipulate. There are many variations of the phrase, and it is genuine, you won’t find love it you are looking for it. People are too unique to leave love to the computing of an algorithm.

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The perfect job can mean different things to different people and can be difficult to determine an ideal fit. While there are many different jobs in the world (such as Safire Entertainment), there are also many that are the same (Tim Horton’s franchise).

It is the unique jobs that cannot be matched up by an algorithm because they do not exist to be paired up to, they need to be created, and an algorithm cannot tell you how to create a unique new job. Jobs that are the same could be the perfect job for many people and would be easier to match up with because there is not such a high level of uniqueness to consider when matching. With the perfect job meaning something different to everyone, this could also make it easy to find the ideal situation for some people (maybe if their perfect job is one near the same end of the spectrum) but trying to find for others (a person who’s ideal job is something on the unique purpose of the range).

Websites such as eHarmony do a great job of getting their users marketed in the dating world. When you sign up to a dating website, you are marketing yourself for other individuals that have the same interests, hobbies, and beliefs as yourself. This is an excellent idea on the surface; however, in reality, it has its flaws.

You can match someone up with a person with identical interests and beliefs, and when they meet each other for the first time, it will be a total flop. Common interests and ideas don’t necessarily mean that the two people will hit it off when they finally get into a date situation.

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Their personalities, stories, life history will all come into play.

All a dating website does is give you a list of reasonable candidates; the rest is up to you. When you enter all your information on the site, an algorithm will magically create a list of comparable candidates for you to meet. It is almost impossible for this algorithm to set you up with your soul mate at the top of the page.

Users spend hours and hours sifting through pages of individuals that they would probably never make an effort to contact. This is why online dating is inefficient. If you went on 1 000 speed dates, you would most likely find more people you have interest in than on this website.
I feel that you can use these algorithms for many decisions in your life.

This type of system only gets your foot in the door. Everything else is up to the user. If you were to get a job interview from eHarmony, you still have to sell yourself at the interview, just as you have to on a first date.

How much confidence do you have that companies can find your true love or the perfect job? Explain

Given I have never personally used an online dating site, I’m skeptical as to whether or not it would be capable of finding me a compatible “true love.” However, based on the information and the algorithms that go into these sites, along with their proven successes, I’m inclined to believe there may be some science involved in finding a perfect match for an individual.

With that being said, there is too much room for skewed data. Individuals are not always honest when filling out online profiles. As well, people are often clueless about their flaws and may submit false or skewed information to the dating site. So, while the algorithms may be able to find two suitable people to make a match given the data provided, there is no guarantee the data is entirely accurate.

What other types of decisions do you feel this type of software could help you make? List and explain.

This type of software could help employers find the perfect employee for a specific job using similar features eHarmony uses. It could help new parents find the perfect nanny or babysitter within a local area. It could help individuals who want to relocate to a new town, city or subdivision find the right location that fits their needs and wants.

However, this software is always going to be limited by that data it takes in. So, as it is with dating sites, the results may not still be reliable even if the algorithms are reasonably accurate, because it is challenging to ensure information inputted by users in one hundred percent correct.

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I have a lot of confidence in a company like e harmony being able to find me the perfect partner or the perfect job. I’ve never used the site and probably never will but the success rate in the past shows that the formulas work and they have been able to match people who they think are compatible together.

If the formula works, for one thing, why not make it work for the other.
The problem i see with this is that e harmony has already branded themselves as a dating website, and it could be seen as strange for a company trying to find new employees through a former dating website.

If a new website was created and they just used the science behind e harmony they might find much more success matching potential employees to employers. Otherwise, the negative stigma that sometimes follows dating websites might creep into their job matching website as well.

As well if these algorithms work so well for dating and headhunting, they should try and branch out as much as they can. The internet is a big place, and there are a lot of people willing to pay people to find things for them. If e harmony is that confident in their software, I see no reason why they shouldn’t try and expand into several different markets.

eharmony Customer Service LiveChat, Contact Eharmony Customer Service, Eharmony Customer Service Phone Number

I have no confidence that companies could find me, true love. I feel like our world uses the internet as the solution to every problem and at some point, there needs to be a disconnection from the internet.

I would personally not use an internet dating site because I believe relationships should be based on real personal interactions that people cannot get through a computer screen. To begin a relationship of any nature, there has to be some level of respect and trust of one another that I do not think comes from the strokes of a keyboard.

Internet dating is a breeding ground for lies, fake identities, sexual abuse crimes and the list goes on. I am skeptical of online dating also because of the how easy lies are to tell over the Internet. The MTV show catfish is a perfect example of this. People fall in love with someone over the internet and they turn out to be someone completely different, may be of the same sex, maybe just made up an identity because they were unhappy with themselves.

Beyond the security of online dating, there are other problems with online dating sites. The questionnaire may not fairly represent our personalities, and when people fill out forms about themselves they tend to stretch, twist and bend the truth.

eharmony Customer Service LiveChat, Contact Eharmony Customer Service, Eharmony Customer Service Phone Number

No one wants to make a dating profile that highlights their weaknesses or points out negative things about themselves. And everyone wants to make themselves look a little better than they do in reality. The minimizations of one’s negative features and the exaggeration of one’s positive features on dating profiles ask for relationships to fail.

Furthermore, maybe I have old-fashioned traditional values but I believe relationships and marriages should be based on real-life events with face-to-face interaction and human contact.

I’m assuming by “true love” we are following the theme that the video clips of happily ever after, marriages that remain. “An E-harmony study found that only 1 in 20 e-harmony marriages end in divorce.” Maybe E-harmony surveyed 20 clients from that week? These websites are generally proven although I don’t think we should assume all there figures as truthful considering almost %50 of marriages end in divorce. ($2 billion industry, still in it for profit).

I do have confidence that these companies can help people find people of like mind and interest’s dependent upon the integrity of the customers answering the data seeking questions posed to them. I’ve known naturally good people be introduced to each other through a business like E-harmony and have successful lasting marriages. So yes the companies help people find someone to create true love with, but it’s up to the people to make it work when the pixels turns to a person in front of you.

eharmony Customer Service LiveChat, Contact Eharmony Customer Service, Eharmony Customer Service Phone Number

More networks (other families, cities, students at other schools, etc.) are tapped into; therefore the chances of finding some human being with similar tastes, preferences, appearances are more significant, then if your still scoping around in a place like Clairsholme for your sweetheart (not to say it doesn’t happen). In the old days, a lot of marriages were arranged, or people met through word-of-mouth networking from friends, relatives, or some community they’re involved in (like a church). These websites can play the word-of-mouth role if you’re as honest to them as you are to your mother (which hopefully you are!)

These algorithmically based software programs could help people select doctors, therapists, trainers, interior designer, etc. Anytime you’d like to choose a person who’s more compatible with what you’d want from them (i.e., the job to be done). You present your criteria and people for the position are matched to it. We already see these algorithms being used in companies in YouTube, “also recommended for you” provide videos/music suggestions to match your history and sought-after content.

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When you enter your personal information on a dating website, if you are being true and honest with yourself, then there could be a chance that the dating website works. As long as you also meet someone on the other end who is being completely honest with him or herself. There is no reference check you can with your personality.

So in some ways, I do believe that dating websites can work and if used correctly could produce some lasting relationships. As far as a job ges…in some ideas this is excellent because it can cross check references and make sure you are who you say you are. However, there is no face to face time and the jobs being advertised for you could end up being very generic and not what you are looking for at all.

I prefer to go into the workplace and personally apply for a job. It shows that you are interested in that particular company versus applying for any job available. There could be benefits for some workplaces, however, but I would personally not find a job this way,
I think for this type of site, using it for recreation and possibly meeting people is reasonable, but for something like a job, I think it is essential to seek out what you are looking for independently.

I have personally never used a dating site before but I do believe it works. If the individuals legitimately answer all of the questions promoting who they actually are, matching them with a similarly minded person would not be that hard. By listing everything a person is interested in or what type of person they are, these match companies can find compatible companionship where they might not be able to find elsewhere.

eharmony Customer Service LiveChat, Contact Eharmony Customer Service, Eharmony Customer Service Phone Number

I would have to say I have faith in these websites. Sometimes it is hard to meet people you are interested in or individuals that you are compatible with. These websites make love happen by bringing two people together that have the same interests and hobbies ensuring their compatibility.

I think it would be a lot harder to find the perfect job due to many qualifications and different circumstances. But if the individual fills out all the correct information, anything is possible. By providing a lot of personal answers, these websites are able to know you without actually meeting you, this is how they can find you, love.

If the individual on the site is looking for a job over love, the type of questions will change leaving you with different results. The questions asked about a situation would help dictate a work environment you would like as well as excel in. I think these companies can find you both, true love and a job by asking the right questions and as long as people give their real responses.

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I believe that if a person is truly being honest with his or her information that they are providing to a internet dating site, these site could possibly be successful for some. Like the site says they have helped thousands of people find “love”.

However, if someone lies on their “love resume” this could end badly for the person on the other end. I do not think I would trust a dating site to find me, true love. If I were a person who believed in this sort of thing, I would feel that if I were given a match with someone, I would feel obligated to “love” them or something, just because we were “made to be.”

However, when it comes to finding you a job, I think this works great. A person has to list all of their skills and credentials that can be checked and made sure they are honest through references. This way an employer can be sent a list of people who qualify, and he or she can go through and pick exactly who they want. And your resume can be sent to hundreds of employers instantly, instead of going door to door, which can be a slow and unproductive process at times.

eharmony Customer Service LiveChat, Contact Eharmony Customer Service, Eharmony Customer Service Phone Number

Matchmaking sites can be a hit or miss with anyone. It does not always work matching up two people who share similar interests; interests do not necessarily determine a person’s personality. Everyone has certain quirks about themselves that some people may not be able to put up with, and nobody is going to put anything negative about themselves on a website.

It’s like the saying “opposites attract”, a lot of the time it is the differences in people that bring them together. Being with someone who has different interests can introduce you to new experiences and sometimes that is better than finding someone who already shares those interests with you.

I feel that the only thing these websites do for a person introduces them to someone because the people who sign up for these sites are too afraid to get out there in the real world and add themselves to other people. I have had a couple of friends try different dating sites, and none of them found someone that was right for them, but once they met someone on their own, the relationship worked. And what if the “perfect match” lives halfway around the world, and then what should they do? I have 0 confidence in dating sites.

As for finding a perfect job, that is also hard to determine just by looking at a person’s interests or what they are good at. It still may not be what the person wants to do for the rest of their life. Just because it sounds good on paper does not mean that someone will enjoy doing it 40 hours a week for the rest of their lives. Plus, a lot of people nowadays want a good job which makes them lots of money, and what if the only thing you are matched up with does not make ends meet like you expect them to. I think it is all a hoax and that people need to break out of their shell to find “perfect matches” themselves.

For those looking for love- or the perfect job, I do feel a high level of confidence that companies can aid in helping these people find it. These companies go to great lengths to determine methods in which can help individuals find what they are looking for. Statistically speaking, the results speak for themselves. Having access to information about individuals, including their personality and preferences enables companies to code that data to identify options for the proper fit for them. These companies can help individuals in a sense that gives them options or opportunities to choose from that they wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

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Online dating companies or companies that find you the perfect job are wonderful resources…for the right people. I have many friends who have had wonderful experiences on dating websites. I have a friend whose brother found his future wife online and they seem really happy.

I also know someone who has been constantly screwed around with on those sites. They end up finding someone and all you hear about for the next month is how great they are and that they are meant to be. Then the next day they realize that the person they thought was so perfect has a significant other and only comes to see them when it’s convenient.

I’m not sure, maybe I have trust issues but that is the main reason I won’t use online dating. Can you really be sure that you’re talking to the person you think or is it someone completely different? As for finding you a job, unless they are meeting you in person, who’s to say that you aren’t stretching the truth a bit to make your life sound more impressive.

How can they tell if you are telling the truth? Another problem with this type of software is where are people doing this at, most are on their computers at home. What happens then to people’s ability to communicate in person. I know a lot of people who can argue and say anything to somebody when they are on the internet, but when it comes to face to face they got nothing.

I think these type of sites can indeed work, but not just at the snap of a finger. When you go to these sites, you are dealing with people who have the same intentions as you do. If you are single and are looking for a relationship, you are being put together with only people who are ALSO looking for a relationship, as opposed to scouring the world and having to sift through people already in bonds or other singles who don’t have the time or are not interested.

As far as jobs go, the same idea. As opposed to a kijiji ad, where anyone can reply to a job posting and you as a recruiter have to sift through the applicants, you are now already narrowing it down to the personalities you find favorable, and right there are probably saving yourself time and money.

I think this kind of software is already out there and helping us out. From restaurants you might like, to daily activities you may enjoy to vehicle buying, its already out there for you to look up. You go on Ebay, and its “other items you may like”, Netflix is “other movies you might like”, its everywhere.

By taking the info you provide the internet and the sites, you are being directed to things you may like. It’s great advertising for companies and their products, and really helps the consumer have info narrowed down for them, so they are not sifting through the “garbage” of the internet.

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As long as sites like this are able to connect people with other people with the same interests I do believe there is a chance of this working. However, I imagine that there would be a huge amount of profiles that they would prompt to you to keep you interested and on their site. With this must information all in front of you I think it might be overwhelming and hard to make genuine connections with others on the site.

As far as matching me with the perfect job, I also think there is a possibility of this working. This part interests me more than the relationship part. If they can prompt me with a perfect connection for a career with an employer who feels the same way about me, I think that would be very beneficial. Though it sounds good in theory, I wonder if the sites job database would be flooded with lower income employers looking to employ what would be high turnover jobs.

I think this software would be great for helping me find restaurants that fit what I am looking for. Possibly prompt me with the best new or used vehicles from information in my profile. And then even further bring the best financing options for me to pay for the vehicle such as loans and banking. It could work well to help you get the best vacation package which is fit for you from the information that you have given on the site.

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I think these sites are a waste of time and all they are is just a place where lonely people can meet. it puts the idea in their head that if they go through this site they can truly find love and that’s not the case. Being with someone you find interesting and unique is how you create the path to falling in love, not but listing off characteristics on a website.

If you meet someone and one day fall in love fine so be it but I find these sites as the equivalent to people meeting in a bar it just adds an intermediary, and in both cases I think its a really dumb way to meet people. On one side you’re hiding behind a computer and can think about how to act and the other you’re intoxicated and not acting like your true self.

I think people should meet in everyday life where they are always themselves and not hiding being something.I don’t think this software could help me in any way because my mindset is that this is not the right way to meet someone so I have no care for this.

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I believe that these companies can certainly help a person find love, but I am not positive about finding the perfect job. With a community that is completely composed of single people looking for a partner, there is a higher chance of finding someone to date/marry than a bar, club, etc.

I find the perfect job part hard to believe, I am unaware on the questions they ask to figure out what makes a match, but I can see people lying on the questionnaire to make themselves sound better to increase their chances on getting matched with a job.

This type of software could help with many other decisions. Fashion of clothing, restaurants in the city, vehicle best suited for you. I would not be surprised if this software already existed, but I can see an increase in the use of it in the near future.

I believe that no matter how many of your traits or qualities are put into these companies algorithms, one certain match cann’t be determined. The perfect job is found by experience in certain situations not by what you enjoy or what fits your lifestyle.

As for true love, I believe this is found through trial and error not by your likes and dislikes. The perfect mate for you could be complety different then the “stereotypical” ideas you “think” you want. The only things I think this type of software should be used for is for information based on factual information. Where you should take a vacation? What type of meal should you make for dinner? Where are the best resturaunts to eat at in a certain place?

I think that sites like these obviously have helped a lot of people find the person they were looking for. That is great for some people; I do not have confidence in these companies helping me, I think that I can manage to make these decisions for my self right now, and I do not need an algorithm to help me find my ‘soul mate.’

With that being said I suppose if circumstances changed, for example I was to busy, I had a job and no time to go dating these sites might be a viable option. To really have a valid argument here I would have to ask a bunch of people if these sites worked and possibly try it my self to boost my confidence. From a person who has never tried online dating services I would have to say that I am not very confident with these companies finding me true love or a job for that matter.

Software like this that has access to all sorts of personal information about you could be beneficial in helping you make all kinds of decisions about where to eat to possible sports teams you should join. They could recommend you a place to eat based on what you put as your favorite food, assuming that this was a question that they asked during the profile section. They could recommend you pretty much anything if their profile building section were intricate and in-depth. This, in turn, would help you make decisions about where to eat, what to do on a Saturday, to what sports team to join. This type of service could help you make so many decisions because it knows so much about you.

I can’t speak from any personal experience as to whether or not e-harmony is successful, but I don’t think people fully understand how these sites work, and the algorithms power for matching people with what they want. Whether it’s clothing sites, pinterest, or anything of the sort, the amount of information we give does allow for these sites to do an effective job.

Having said that, I think with services such as those for dating or job hunting would obviously have a success rate that is directly correlated with our honesty in answering their questions and the amount of information we give. Will these matches be perfect? Well I would argue that they will probably not, but I will also say I think they can do a very good job at being close. Perhaps what it does help with is you having to put down in words just what you think you are, and and what your wants are.

I think this strategy can be applied to finding jobs, and even more broadly just finding information about different industries and fields or work. Collecting information about people is a huge part of every online sector. As we give our knowledge and allow algorithms such as these discussed to work, I think they can certainly do their job and be active.

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I do believe that these types of companies do work and are useful in making lasting and successful relationships. Most users I feel would be of an older demographic, finding it more challenging to build relationships or find people with similar interests. These types of sites allow individuals to interact with the people that they have similarities with and makes finding these people easy.

Many people have found love over EHarmony and its competing sites. Companies allow individuals to make a public profile that outlines who they are and what they are looking for. I do have confidence that these companies are effective at introducing potential couples to each other, but I am not confident that matchmaking sites, such as EHarmony, would be sufficient for job seekers.

The same criteria needed to find a partner is not the same for a job. For employment recruitment I feel employers are not interested in a lot of the information that is being displaying. This could be useful for more desperate job seekers but I feel a proper resume with a summary qualifications specific to a particular job is necessary.

There are also already many job search engines that already have a large customer base. It would be difficult for EHarmony to get known as a useful employment site. Entering into a competitive segment will only make it that much more difficult for users. There needs to be a large established base of employers looking for employees and vice versa.

I think this type of technology is better at things like job fit, than something like a dating website. The e-dating thing just puts too much confidence in the system to create a “perfect match”. in the job market, there are at least some core, objective competencies that are unbiased and objective. For Example: Do you know how to run microsoft office suite?

Yes or No. These are objective enough, but still, an applicant could lie. this gets even more out of hand with relationships. Questions like are you loving? have many different connotations and are perceived differently by each individual. The computer system is restricted by the simple numeric answers people provide, and thus cannot indeed make an informed, meaningful decision.

This type of program should be used in objective comparisons- ideally of historical data. In the business industry. revenue, sales, etc. and should be kept completely out of the human, emotional, personal side of peoples lives. It gives false hope and unrealistic expectations.

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I feel like the algorithms do work. That being said i never signed up for e-harmony so i can’t speak from experience but i if i look at E-harmony’s success rate vs others then it seems like they know what they are doing.

Also e-harmony has been one of the first dating sites which gives them the most experience which helps with make there algorithms one of the best. Not to say that it would work every time but i think they give a person a good fighting chance to find that job or special person.

Im was not sure e-harmony should expand into other matching ideas. I feel like it might be seen as a last ditch effort to appeal to more people instead of specializing in one thing and being good at it. But to answer the question, I think that they might be helpful in finding a place to live that suits your lifestyle.

I believe just like any or all other information provided either through the internet or hard copies at an event you are presented with a choice of acceptance or rejection. This usually based on your trait, culture, and beliefs. If you are a skeptic or pessimist, you may avoid and mistrust the information.

Althyough it is in the best interest of the company to provide the best information to help you find true love or the best job. I hope it is thier Mission/ Goals or principles of operation to meet or satisfy the user/ customer in mind. This will assist them in marketing thier product and create more users of the program.

I personnaly do not believe in the product because everyone is different. There are those who optimistic or world seekers looking for all or any information that will satisfy thier dream partner or job. They will try anything to accomplish or fill this need. But I do reserve my opinion on sites that are differntiated to a certain segmant of the population based on culture – heritage – social – and economic factors.

I feel this type of software can assist or help you make more objective decisions by taking a more factual or honest inventory of yourself, resources, and capabiltiys. I feel sometimes we are caught in our positive pionts or subject in evaluating ourselves top become more in tune or similar to the job or to be partner. Only this would occur if the program failed on you.
Bottom line “be Innovative But with a Calculated Risk” – do your homework.

I actually feel that these sorts of algorithm matching systems can work. I don’t think it is a superior way to find love or a job, but I think it should be viewed as a viable option. These matching systems can lead (for certain people) to a perfect match. Meeting someone in person, or finding a job in a newspaper article, could also lead to a perfect match.

I think there is as much chance and luck involved either way. I do however feel that EHarmony’s methods should not be disregarded as ineffective. In the video it says that EHarmony has led to at least 500,000 weddings! That’s a lot and I feel should be seen confidently as a possible option for someone attempting to find love.

Unfortunately for EHarmony, there are too many competing companies now, and response rates to their website have dropped drastically. This leads me to believe that introducing these different sorts of methods for finding a match will not lead to much more success for the company.

There are already many competitors in the “perfect job finding” market, and it seemed to be competition that led to EHarmony’s decline, so I feel shakily unconfident that entering into markets where there is already high competition will result in success for a company that has falling due to the same issue.

I don’t think that job matching is unreliable or should be disregarded as such; I feel it is a perfectly reasonable option for someone attempting to find a job. I don’t think that EHarmony will have much success due to competition not due to an unreliable product.

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I am not sure that any company can really find your true love but can help with the search process if you are honest with the questions they are asking. I find myself to be old school to a certain extent. When finding love you need to get to know a person by hanging with them on a day to day basis over time. However the internet does pose some good information on getting started in that aspect of actually meeting potential candidates for your love life, jobs or what you are looking for.

I believe we are always looking for a more natural way to do things such as finding love, houses, cars, or what have you.

But we need to keep in mind that not all the companies out there are looking for our best interests, but something to sell to us for their betterment. However if you are curious, I don’t think it would hurt you to try the companies software programs out there to your advantage and see if you come up with a positive outcome. From what I have seen on the websites and the commercials anything is quite possible when you are determined to find what you want in life.

I think that any tool can be useful if the data input, in this case your personal profile, is made of complete and true data. And the algorithm was sophisticated enough to take the raw input data and make relevant matches. I see inherent issues, first many of us are not completely aware of our own traits, skills, abilities, or preferences and even when we are we may not be completely honest.

I’m not sure that I consider this to be decision-making software but rather “suggestion” software where possible matches are presented either for dating, jobs or other relationships, and a person can decide how they would like to proceed. To that end, I think that any tool created to bring people together can be useful, but would need a draw to bring both sides into the site and incentivize them to participate.

eHarmony and other online matching sites have solid histories of successful matches and while I believe that some modification would be required don’t see any reason why those same algorithms wouldn’t be successfully applied to other services such as job hunting. Additionally, eHarmony and others have gained mainstream acceptance, and it is common to hear of people finding love online, jobs online, etc.… it is part of our current world to access services online and expect those services to parallel those in the real world. eharmony Customer Service LiveChat

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I’ve known a lot of people that met through a dating website and ended up getting. Almost everyone in the world wants love that’s why they get very interested on these websites and hook them up on it. That could be possible for most people but that’s not how it will work all the time. I mean yes, getting introduced to each other is already done by the website, but there’s still a lot of work in making a relationship work.

Admittedly, the companies will find the “potential partner’s” information and personality, but we won’t know if the knowledge that they have is enough to see that person unless we meet him/her personally, talk to him/her, and hang out with him/her. Even if couples met at a dating site, that wouldn’t mean that we can be sure they won’t divorce in the future. Same with finding a perfect job.

We might think that a job is perfect when we know what kind of job it is but we won’t really know if that will still be the case if you entered the workplace and do the job. Of course, these websites is a big help for us to find a partner in life and find a job, or could even help us know about the best tourist spot will fit our taste, the clothing designs that we might want to wear, different kinds of dish that we might want to try, etc. But those sites’ help won’t still be enough so let’s not expect it to be that big.

How much confidence do you have that companies can find your true love or the perfect job?

I think with the right business model and core corporate values, I would have a lot of confidence in a company. I don’t think most people understand how useful algorithms are. Look at Facebook, Pinterest, site – all these websites mold to your interests. It can be instrumental when someone sets up a profile and puts in the right keywords and activities.

Run an algorithm and you can spit out information on likely couple matches. I see that a lot of what we do on a daily basis can be categorized and labeled, hence allowing an IS to work effectively. The one area where I am not confident is the users of these websites. The system can be perfect, but if the users are not being transparent the system falls apart. For example, some older man pretending to be an incredible 25 year old to get dates etc.

What other types of decisions do you feel this type of software could help you make? List and explain.

Choosing a career, or allowing one to see what careers people with the same personality have accepted. I did an aptitude test in college that told possible careers based on the answers I gave. I think such tests use this kind of technologies to help match you with potential career paths. Another aspect could be where to buy a house. Maybe being able to choose specific criteria on the search and see what type of locations and homes others have purchased. This way I can see how others have decided on what sites.

I have almost zero confidence that companies and some algorithm can help me find true love or a job. I am sure it can make some valid suggestions, but then again so can fortune cookies. That is not to say the there is no credibility or correlation in the algorithms these companies use and the likely-hood of compatibility.

I think a lot of people want to believe that this service will provide the answer to all of life’s questions such as: what should I to do as a career, and whom they should spend the rest of their life with. However, I do not believe that these companies are providing a service that has the ability to change the world. These services do provide a place where people can easily get information about people, which enables them to screen out people they are interested in associating with. Whether the information provided is accurate is a different story.

I don’t believe e-harmony has anything proprietary in their algorithms that they think will change the world, and I don’t see how they are going to provide anything different than every other career vocation site out there.

It seems to me that they are losing focus of their mission, and by expanding into career vocations and other nonsense they will lose credibility.

I would bet these companies would be great for helping you choose what you should make for dinner, or which colour of bike you should get, but people wouldn’t be willing to pour out their hearts and reveal some of their most private information just for some suggestions of what some algorithm thinks will be most likely to satisfy you.

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These sites gather a lot of personal information about every person using their website, and if correct and honest information is given, then there is a possibility that people can be matched up and find a good job. I think that these sites only help to find the right person or even, in this case, the right job, but there are still more factors to consider. When you meet the person chosen for you by E Harmony, you can see different sides of them that you wouldn’t have by just talking or chatting.

You might find things that you like and other things that you completely hate. This would be the same for a job. On paper it sounds like a great job but once you are there it can change. For example, the work is too much or to complex, the coworkers are not helpful, etc. All these issues can be hard to identify for E Harmony. I don’t believe that they will find you your perfect job, the one you always dreamed about, and the one that you will be always happy with. There is a possibility that a good job will be presented to you, but you have to accept the risks that the company cannot identify for you.

This type of software might help create personalized computers that will be able to identify things you like or search for with more detail and precision. This will lead to receiving for relevant information when inquiring about a particular topic.

I think that given the vast amounts of data available out there and with our disclosure of personal details that we can be matched up with compatible partners and jobs. Will it always be a perfect match, no. But we can come close.

I think the fact that people are trying to find jobs and partners that fit with them will in fact make the world a better place. I think with all the new technology out there that people could potentially be matched up with all aspects of life. It could be used in middle and high school to help match kids up with future careers ideas and paths. This could possibly help reduce the stress of students by helping them choose a compatible field rather than struggling with something they think that they want. We could match up people to the perfect kind of pet. We could match people up to the city that best meets their needs and helps them have a high quality of life.

We could help students pick the best schools or universities. We could match up students to instructors so that incompatibilities were eliminated if possible. The possibilities are almost endless. Why stumble our way through life not knowing what we want if there is science, math, and technology at our fingertips available to help us craft the life we always wanted. Or the life we didn’t know we wanted yet. It all comes at the cost of exposing your personal information but if we were to find true love or happiness would it be worth it?

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Though I do not have any experience in how companies may help me find true love or the perfect job, the success rates coming from these websites (provided that they are honest) seem to show that they are indeed successful.

As Warren mentioned, algorithms can be developed to match customers with other profiles based on various categories. If this has helped over a million Americans get married, who’s to say that it cannot help people find their dream job? We are reaching an age where, with the help of computers, qualitative reasoning can successfully be replaced by quantitative reasoning with arguably even better results. I expect Eharmony’s new expansion to find friends and jobs, and making better life choices, to increase their market share once again, and make them competitive.

I believe that this type of software could be used to do many interesting things, for example:

– A car manufacturer could take in a consumer’s behavior, attitudes, lifestyle, and driving style through a series of surveys, and with the results provide a suitable vehicle model within their price range.

– A telephone company could provide a customer with a survey that observes their expected functions within a smartphone, and then suggest a specific smartphone most suitable to them based on their expectations.

– A government may provide a survey to the public that evaluates their opinions on certain political situations, which may then quantify the results and recommend a political stance or party to support. This may in turn reduce voter apathy, and increase turnout for elections.

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I don’t entirely trust a company finding me true love or a job. Most people alleviate their morals, attributes, and attitudes to fit the situation. Though the network has no way of knowing if the parties are telling the truth and do its job by matching what parties say they are and not what they are, there is a significant risk in believing the information given. It has not been there long enough to measure long term success rates.

If a company needs to make a profit on this kind of service then it should have invested a lot of time and money to make sure that this service really does work. In that sense I do have confidence that such a company will match you up fairly well with a person or job you will really connect with. Measuring personality traits to determine how well you will fit with whatever is easy to do, but difficult to master.Contact Eharmony Customer Service,
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It may be the case that some sites are just popular and not accurate enough to find a perfect match, but I believe that with increasing competition in this area the games will only get better and better. Measuring personality traits can go far beyond just jobs and friends. However, they can be used to match you with all sorts of things. Such examples may be movies, restaurants, foods, cities, even what kind of house to live if enough research is done.

These suggestions may seem a little crazy, but I’m confident that such companies will offer to match you up with these and even more things based on similar measures. Finding friends and jobs may be the ideal application for this service at the moment, but that’s only because how highly correlated personality is too strong friendships. It’s hard to argue such methods don’t work when companies are making bank off these services, and only more people are getting interested in these services, and more people are thinking of starting their service. eharmony Customer Service LiveChat

I do put a lot of confidence in these companies because like he said they use the underlying algorithm and if you have that you at least have a strong base. I mean a site can only do so much it is the people that make the place. Say you use the dating site, and you have 20 matches, that is technically where the site has done its job the rest is the people and how active they are.

You go to a classroom and your teacher teaches but only half the students choose to learn then only half of them take something from that lesson there is just so much a teacher can do. The job thing sounds more skeptical as people do not always have an equal lifestyle to job style. Some people like to separate work and business and do not coincide together at all. What if they need extra education for that job well then it’s no longer convenient.

Well, this soft where have all the activities you like so it could recommend vacation areas, events, or things to do for areas around you. Personally, that is all I think it could also do. I feel like there is not enough other personal information on there to help build anything more than that.

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I’m a skeptic of the online dating scene. I’ve heard about some of these “cyber love” stories go drastically wrong. The miracle love stories have involved subscribers losing financial security and loss of self-respect (at some levels).

My question is, how credible is the information provided by both parties. Security should be a concern for any online service and do the online dating services care for your well-being. They mentioned 1/20 are divorced on e-harmony, they’ve been in business 13 years, marriage stats change every day.

I do like the idea of making people happy and helping them find companionship, a great story. However, the security issues are a concern for me. I also admire the perseverance and innovative thinking of the owner, to come out of retirement and rejuvenate his company is fantastic. Again, this goes back to being in a competitive and growing market and taking the time to re-create the company is excellent.

Finding love at the “click” of the mouse is a wonderful concept, but let’s be real we are still humans and do require physical interaction, go to a coffee shop or library and meet someone in person. The idea of “changing the world” with cyber love is a little over the top, but I do admire the optimism

The popularity of online dating sites and online job searches is continually growing. There have been many stories of love being found online as well as one finding the perfect job via an online search engine.

The repeated success stories, however, have not given me confidence that companies can find me my true love or the perfect job. I don’t have enough faith in the reliability of web pages to put my full trust into one of these services finding my job or love for me.

I would instead take my own life into my own hands and go out and find it myself. One can never know what the person in an online profile is actually like and can never tell if they are truthful in what they say online. Anyone can be anyone online. That statement alone would scare me away from using an online dating site.

I do believe, however, that these types of software can be beneficial for finding jobs and also for career advice. I many times have used online job boards to apply for and look into potential job opportunities. They can assist a person in finding the right fit by matching what you are looking for, your qualifications and interests with jobs and careers.

Companies like E-Harmony and are still in existence because they have become popular and successful. The video explained that 1 in 10 marriages end in divorce. I have seen friends and family who have benefited from this site, and some who have not. It all depends on how honest you are and what you put into your profile. If you put in all your traits and interests what the company is doing is finding a person with the same enthusiasm and qualities, hoping this will be a successful match. The same goes for a recruitment office; they are typically pairing or matching potential employees with potential employers based on your knowledge, experience, skill, and determination.

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These recruiting agencies are a safe, fast and innovating way for people to connect to better jobs. They also offer workshops on resume writing, interview skills and how to be confident, they do these little extra items because they want you to succeed, and the more people and business thrive the better rating they recruiting office will receive.

I had had the experience of working with Select recruiting when I first moved to Lethbridge because I was finding it difficult to find a job. They gave me a profile that included my work and educational history, I took a few tests and then they tried to pair me with the job in the field that I was looking for. Unfortunately, by the time all my paperwork had gone through I had found myself a job, so I didn’t need their service anymore. However, I would recommend them to anyone who is having difficulty finding a job.

I’m not too sure that I would place too much confidence in this type of service for it to find a soul mate. I think that they do an excellent job with really getting to know the people before they set them up, which is a step in the right direction. However, I feel that they could never really know enough to determine who that person would be happy with for the rest of their lives.

I don’t even know exactly what I want in a partner, so how could a stranger take one look at me and decide what I want for me? That seems a bit too unlikely. I think that it might be more of a psychological thing, where you have to honestly believe that the system is going to work for it to work. Where if you think that the success is warranted then if they match you with someone, that someone must genuinely be who you want to spend the rest of your life with.

I probably would use it for the sake of finding a job, though I wouldn’t put much confidence in the results. I think that it would be interesting to see what kind of job they would match me with and if I would find it interesting. We never had those career aptitude tests in school before, the ones that tell you which jobs you would be good at, and I always found them to be interesting. It would be neat to see the different kinds of opportunities suggested to you, maybe even some that you have never heard of.

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The business of online dating companies like eHarmony keeps growing recently. The internet makes people associated. Internet plays an essential role in our daily life. Also, tens of thousands of things that people are dealing with through the internet. People now are living in a high paced lifestyle.

They may not have enough time to go out to date with somebody. Therefore, they use the internet to contact with the outside the world because it is convenient and time-effective. eHarmony is created for increasing the marriage rates and decreasing the divorce rates. The company are doing business on helping people find spouse and jobs, also, provide some children raise tips. There is no doubt that many people find their soul mate through its platform.

However, in my opinion, I do not have enough confidence to use the online dating platform. The Internet is a virtual reality. We do not know the exact person we are talking to. Primarily, online dating, sometimes people do not use their name or gender to register their account. Some people considered the security issue, and others may come just for fun. So we cannot 100 percent depend on the information that people give us on the internet.

For example, if you want to find a boyfriend or girlfriend through online dating company. And you do find an ideal one after talking online with her or him. Then, you want to meet with her or him. There can be two results: she or he for some reason doesn’t want to meet with you and then you guys break up; when you meet each other, you find out she or he is old or may have the same gender as you. Would you ever believe the online dating anymore? The answer is no. Therefore, honesty here is essential for people who want to find true love.

I did not find my true love online, but I do know that companies like E-Harmony have been successful in allowing hundreds of thousands of people find love. Society is changing, and now it is no longer surprising to hear that a couple has met online. As someone who has little interest on spending hours on social networking sites or browsing the Internet (other than for homework), I would not feel confident that companies like E-Harmony could find me true love or the perfect job.

Although I don’t believe this is true for everyone, it depends on the person you are. Sites like E-Harmony have been able to successfully bring people together because most people using their site all have at least one thing in common, they are looking and open to finding love. The idea that turns me away for online dating is that not everyone online can be trusted.

Like in the TV show, “Catfish” they discover that some people are just pretending to get people to fall in love with them, as some game. They find out a guys dream girl is an old fat man sitting in front of his computer screen all day because he is bored. Things like this make me not trust everything on the Internet.

We have already talked about telecommunications and how the Internet is opening up a variety of jobs. Most jobs you apply for today do require you to submit your resume online. I am not surprised E-Harmony is known to help people to find employment. It feels like society is at the point where you can do anything online. You can shop, do your banking, watch TV, talk to friends, take online classes, work, and deliver food and so much more. Soon we won’t even need to leave our houses. Although I believe the Internet and services like E-Harmony have opened a lot of doors for people, I wonder if we are taking it all too far.

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Online dating sites allow people to meet others based on their interests, hobbies, and personalities. These sites like eHarmony can be affected, but it depends on how the user is using the service. Some people do not like to be 100% honest when they make a profile on themselves. It is common for individuals to portray themselves as who they want to think they are not who they are.

If a person was, to be honest about who they are and what they are like, it is possible to be matched up with another person with a similar profile. This service is excellent for a person who does not attend a lot of social events or does not have time to meet a lot of people on their own time. These sites give people who may have a harder chance of finding love, a chance to see love.

This can be extended to find jobs and friends as stated in the video as well. The big one with posts again is the honesty aspect. If people are not honest about their skills, they are not going to be matched up with jobs that are suitable for them.

Other uses for sites like this could include finding the perfect college or university for your self. It could help identify an institution that has everything you need or want to have access too. It could even go in depth on professors that meet your needs to help you determine your class schedule.

Finding love is not always easy, and it may take time. Not everyone believes that online dating sites work, but there is a potential of finding the one. I think that it depends on the person’s perspective on the idea of online dating. Some people don’t want to force love, and they let love come to them. Personally my confidences for companies that say you can find true love are growing.

Even though I have never gone on an online website myself, many people have found true love. Since the internet is growing substantially as well as technology, an online dating site allows people to find their match while maintaining their busy lifestyle. It will enable individuals to meet new people and potentially see the one. Although, many online dating sites compete with one another. I think that it is a natural market to get into, but it would be difficult to differentiate themselves from being the top online dating site.

Finding the perfect job can be very difficult and had aid to help you search for the right one can be very useful. I think that these online companies that support finding the right job for an individual can be successful. As long as individuals fill their job requirements, skills and experience are the perfect positions could be matched. Since there is such a vast majority of companies, you might not have ever known about a company that had the exact job you were looking for. I think that finding love and finding the perfect job are very similar types of companies and are very helpful to some people.

I’ve seen the results of online dating and have seen successes and failures. I think it depends on the person as to whether the site can find them true love or not. Some people believe in “love at first sight” (which you won’t experience online) and others think that science can help produce their match. Who is to say which is the better way to find love?

I think underneath it all the “science” of these online dating sites is something anyone could do themselves. A better understanding of your wants, needs, goals, and personality will help you understand who you would be compatible with. So I do believe the software would ultimately work. The same goes for finding a job.

We do career aptitude tests in high school, and they give us an idea of what jobs would be a good fit for our character traits. The more extensive the survey, the more accurate the results you will get. Of course, the hardest part is being truthful when answering. Answering what you are and not what you want to be is very difficult for people so this is an error that could occur.

If doing a survey is what works for you to start understanding yourself and your goals better than I have no problem with encouraging people to use this strategy. I would caution them to take the results and analyze them carefully. Just because a site says you would be an excellent acrobat doesn’t mean you should go out and by a unitard and sell your home to join the circus. It might just mean that you should look into a job with a creative aspect to it.

So, yes, I do believe the “algorithmic formula” they use for these sights can provide some insight into answering these all important questions for you, but I don’t think that’s where anyone’s search should end. A “connection” or “spark” is necessary too not just in love but in a career or any major life decision.

How much confidence do you have that companies can find your true love or the perfect job? Explain

What other types of decisions do you feel this type of software could help you make? List and explain.

I have 0 confidence that companies can find me, true love. I mean love is something ‘unique’ something special. I suggest you will end up living with this person you are going to meet via a dating site for the rest of your life. For finding a perfect job for an individual, that can be possible, but his days we have a high turnover rate because people don’t love what they are doing, their jobs and all that. We all have different characteristics as humans, even some we as individuals don’t know or understand or rather some that are unexplainable, so this sites don’t really know much about this individual aside from the fact that they went to a particular university and studies something, there field of study, probably their likes or why they resigned from their previous jobs.

I think this software can be used to connect people to producers, what I mean by that is something like ‘linkedin,’ at least they won’t be looking for “a perfect job” but instead connecting people to other employers. They can also become an outsourcing company for recruitment (helping companies find the right employee).

When it comes to companies finding your true love or perfect job I do not have much confidence in that because all these companies are doing is helping you realize things or look for stuff you perhaps already know. When it comes to true love, they do provide a good form of tool to get people interacting, but I don’t believe necessary they helped you find your TRUE love.

They make have connected with a person who you perhaps would not have met in the real world, or soon, but I do not believe it necessary was their TRUE love it was just someone who they happened to connect with and feelings were mutual. Although when compared to finding the perfect job, the methods they use for finding you a partner is a more accurate and puts the user more in control oh who they talk to and how to pursue it.

Were as a perfect job, they more so use an algorithm that can have many things that you do perhaps enjoy in work, but they could be missing some stuff because there is the way too many influences that take effect when someone is looking for a job. The company can have the perfect wage, benefits, etc., but perhaps you do not get along with your co-workers, or probably certain things come up that are beyond your control.

In that aspect, those are some of the things that heavily influence whether a person likes their job or not, so with that being said, no algorithm can pin point that. And once again as it seems to be a theme in these blogs, privacy can be invaded by giving these companies this information, because you really can not know what they are going to do with it, and that can be very unsettling for someone. All in all, it is a great tool to get people to meet and interact, and take those relationships further if wanted, but regards finding your “perfect job,” I don’t have much or any confidence that companies can do that.

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I don’t have much confidence in these companies finding a job or anything else for me because they only have their algorithms, but if there is one point missing in this algorithm which can be vital for you, the person and the job don’t match at all. There are too many different factors for every person that has to be regarded when people search for a job.

Sometimes people even don’t know about themselves and some of these factors. Maybe these companies would better work if the people tell them about everything. This means about their behavior, their needs, their wishes, and much more points in detail. So the company could set up an algorithm which is complete and could help nearly every person that does this, but there still would be a failure margin. On the other hand, I think that people wouldn’t give all the information about themselves to the companies because they want to have privacy and security. We don’t know if the companies sell the information to other third parties to earn more money.

There may be some people who don’t care about this and will still do that. This software could help me finding friends, associations, events, countries, cities and a lot of other stuff that fits my personality, my preferences and to my way of life. So I don’t have to search for them in real life, I have to click a button on the internet.

I think that this can be helpful in some points (job finding, associations) but some others, it wouldn’t be a nice feature according to the fact that we weren’t able to explore the world on our own and also have some bad experiences which in my opinion are a part of our life.

I do not have any confidence in all dating sites in finding me a real love partner or a job because they seem to be more persuasive than rational in their advertisement. Finding a right love partner is not something easy, and I would pretty much doubt if someone promise to find me a lover through online dating. Recently, many people have been so critical about the effectiveness of online dating services.

There are chances that someone may even date a fake (phony) person because he or she is not able to see the partner. It is always good to establish a relationship where spouses can talk face to face, hang out together and do so many things together. The argument that e harmony uses the algorithm to match a person with his or her love partner does not hold.

How effective could e harmony use their algorithm to match me with someone whom I have no idea whatsoever? I agree that algorithm can be used for mathematical computations, data processing, but the algorithm can not be used for the partner to partner matching.

I would instead advise them to use the software for business purposes. For example, they should, like Facebook, Twitter, Google, use their sites to advertise and sell products to people. They could also turn the site into a social media site where people can connect to their friends and family members around the world. In that way, people will have no hard time getting information from another part of the world. eharmony Customer Service LiveChat. plenty of fish customer service phone number