how to contact plenty of fish customer service by phone

How to Contact Pof Customer Service Helpline support (2020)

Plenty of Fish or POF is a web-based dating service that was launched in 2003. It is owned and operated by “The pof Group” and the headquarters is in Vancouver ( CEO – Markus Frind ).

This website is available in 9 different languages and membership is required to use the services of this website. Contact Pof Customer Service Helpline Plenty of Fish support

Email Address:

    • PR@pof.complenty of fish



Official website:

You can also visit There Official website. pof ( plenty of fish )

Once registered, users can send and receive messages, photos, and videos with each other. Female users are also allowed to send private messages of their images.

All the messages will be automatically deleted after 30 days. There are two versions of this website – free and premium.

While the free version in itself has a lot of services and is quite good to use, premium upgraded membership adds up a few extra features that come in very handy.

The website is well managed and is always under observation. All accounts of fake people or people who are rude are usually deleted by the management.

More About POF Dating Service

Pof is one of the largest online dating website in the world with more than 10 million members that are active and participating from all around the world.

Since it was launched, We consistently trying to serve all its active members with the best of services and has earned the title of the best online dating website in the world.

It has billions of page views every month and an average of at least 3 million members having millions of conversations each month.

The registered members of plenty of fish can find a variety of single people who share similar interests and views on this dating website.

It is a great way of getting in touch and interacting with potential dating partners.

Our Service comprises of all sorts of users from across the world that is looking for either friendship, casual dating or serious relationships.

Plenty of fish Customer Service Phone Number USA

Their profiles may look decent as you read the description and look at the profile pictures, but they can also be premium and high-grade singles that are looking for potential people that match their taste, share a common interest and are interested in dating.

Contact Pof Telephone number united states customer service

Plenty of fish dating site has also recently launched an app, which is a great way of meeting people online, on the go. This app is available on almost every major mobile platform like Android, iOS, Blackberry etc.

These mobile application features push notifications and a number of configurable settings.

Another amazing feature of this app is its ability to browse and check single people who are nearby your location based on the current Geolocation.

We Have designed this app really well and has put all of the features of the website in here.

You can instantly have access to your inbox and can also upgrade to the premium version right from your phone.

Also, just like the website, the mobile app also supports multiple languages and is completely free.

pof customer service, pof phone number, pof technical support

Technical issues related to Pof – Dial Pof toll free number

Frequently faced technical issues related to Dating are:

  • Spam issues might be encountered on your Account
  • Not able to send or receive messages with your account due to some technical issues
  • Configuration issues of Account
  • Installation issues of your Account
  • Setting up issues in Account
  • Low speed of incoming and outgoing messages
  • Photos attachment and download issues
  • Error while changing the password
  • Issues related to the hacking of messages
  • Issues in blocking unwanted profiles
  • Failing to recover passwords for Account
  • Resetting of passwords

These are few of the common issues that are faced while using plenty of fish.

In case you encounter one of these issues or any other issue, you can always get in touch with our pof tech support team at any time by either calling on our customer care number or sending us an email.

pof customer service, pof phone number, pof technical support, pof toll-free number, contact pof customer service

Our team provides 100% satisfactory solutions to all of the technical issues by taking the remote link of your computer and accessing it remotely.

Our customer service executives provide you instant solutions to all the issues related to Plenty of fish account.

How technical support helps you by contacting pof helpline

Users may sometimes encounter a few issues while using Dating services that can’t be resolved on their own.

Our pof tech support team for plenty of fish handles all issues efficiently and provides a smoothly working dating account to the users.

You can get in touch with the technical support team of online dating service at any time of the day within the working hours on a daily basis.

pof customer service, pof phone number, pof technical support

There can be a lot of issues that occur frequently on Pof website or account. A few are mentioned below:

  • Setting up plenty of fish account on Android
  • Setting up plenty of fish account on iPhone
  • Error in receiving and sending messages
  • Recovering deleted messages
  • Customization of settings
  • Pof Account Recovery, Password reset or Change password
  • Preventing junk and spam messages
  • Unable to attach or download images
  • Issues in signing in
  • Troubleshooting Unresponsive Account
  • How to Deactivate Pof account
  • Pof login problems, Messages not sending
  • Retrieve Hacked Accounts
  • How to change the username on Pof
  • Recover deleted Account
  • Plenty of fish password reset
  • How to change your username on Pof
  • Why is my Pof account not working

Contact Pof Customer Service Helpline, Plenty of Fish support toll free number

These are a few issues that generally occur while using Pof. There can be many other issues related to settings and usage that users can come across frequently.

You can take help from our help center team anytime to resolve these issues. We are just a call away.

Our team provides technical support services during the working hours on a daily basis.

Our technicians are highly qualified and have the capability of fixing all kinds of technical issues immediately and give you smooth running services without any glitches or hindrances.

We have a team of qualified technical experts who are certified, knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated to their work.

Contact Pof Customer Service Phone Number | Technical Support Helpline

Our Pof contact number provides services listed below:

  • Solutions to all kinds of sign-in problems
  • Fixing all kinds of errors and glitches
  • Customization settings
  • Preventing junk and spam messages
  • And fixing all other profile related issues

Our highly qualified technical expert team believes in excellence and are experienced in all aspects of plenty of fish application.

Our team always keeps your time value and convenience in mind and strives to give you full customer satisfaction at all times.

You can choose any of the two modes of communication, i.e., either email or call on a toll-free number to get in touch with us. Contact Pof Customer Service Helpline, Plenty of Fish support

Both of these are very effective modes of communication and will respond to your query in no time. We strive to provide instant, best and excellent services at all times.

Solving technical issues using customer service of Contacting pof

Online Dating services or any other services are not entirely free from certain glitches.

There are always some issues arising in the prolonged usage of the website, but this is not something that cannot be prevented.

These issues can be well-taken care off with the support of our technical experts.

Our plenty of fish customer support is available all the time to all the users across the world.

pof toll free number, pof helpline number, pof usa customer service

You can easily get in touch with our plenty of help center agents and resolve all technical issues in an instant.

If you face any problem related to plenty of fish, all you have to do is just dial the toll-free number during working hours of the day and get the required technical support from our plenty of fish phone number team.

We provide 100% feasible solutions to all your problems issues related to spams, loss of password, not able to download certain images, video downloading disabled, hacking of account or any other random dating account issue.

You May be Like to Know How Do You Cancel Pof Subscription

You can get in touch with our help center number and get solutions to all these issues almost immediately.

Our toll-free number is a one-stop solution for all your dating related problems.

We are open during the working hours for support and 24/7 for email.

Next We always remain active via email, so you can access our support at any time of the day.

We provide instant and assured highly qualified chat team for all our users.

Contact Pof technical support phone number

You can resolve any problem that you encounter while using POF account or any glitches related to its settings, quickly and easily by taking help from our expert plenty of fish customer service management team.

You can call the pof customer service, pof phone number, pof technical support, pof toll-free number.

contact pof customer service and get in touch with them to receive support anytime you encounter any technical issue.

Our team of technical experts is very dedicated to their job and try to offer excellent services and support to all our users.

They strive to provide you with complete information and instant solutions with respect to any kind of technical glitch that is related to the online help desk.

You can also send us an email with all the details of the issue that you are facing and one of our plenty of fish help center agents will get back to you instantly with a solution.

Contact Pof Customer Service Helpline, Plenty of Fish support

Our chat team via emails is always ready to provide you 24*7 online services throughout the year for all kinds of technical issues related to your Dating account.

Whereas our team of pof helpline that supports you via phone call is only available during the working hours.

Our team of experts is highly skilled and specially trained to handle the problems related to Pof efficiently.

They are highly qualified and knowledgeable and have all the information related to Plenty of fish to give you instant and perfect assistant anytime.

Our experts use advanced techniques and tools to fix any issue you might be facing and are always successful in troubleshooting it easily.

Our team of pof help center is thoroughly professional, user-friendly, soft-spoken, compassionate, highly skilled, certified and always sport a positive attitude towards resolving any kind of issues handed out to them.

POF Customer Service For Troubleshooting

Contact pof Customer services is provided by both phone call and e-mail services.

Contact POF customer care via phone call can be reached during normal business hours, while POF technical support via email can be reached out 24 hours a day.

pof customer service, pof phone number, pof technical support, pof toll free number, pof helpline number

If you face any issue that requires your immediate attention.

it is suggested to us that you contact our Pof customer care team via a phone call because it is always the instant kind of solution that you will receive almost immediately.

Although you might have a certain wait time of a few minutes depending on the number of users that are connected to us at that time of the hour, we assure to provide you instantaneous support.

Also, additionally, most of the problems can be resolved by either reading the help guides provided or on the help section of the website.

If any of the solutions is not listed there or you find it difficult to do it on your own, then you can always call the customer care to receive feasible and guaranteed support for all issues.

There are 2 ways of how you can contact pof help center and they are a phone call and email services.

You can choose to use any of both services depending on the kind of issue and the time of the day.

pof customer service, pof phone number, pof technical support, pof toll-free number, contact pof customer service

POF USA Customer Service via Phone Number

The Pof toll-free number is one of the working methods of contacting our team of technical support.

Most of the users have stated they have received the best results by using this method via the pof help center.

This is one the best way of serving our customers and utilizing the ability of our team to serve more customers quickly and efficiently.

The number of issues can be resolved and the number of people can be helped using this method in the long run as the complete focus of our team is on the task that is at their hand.

Contact POF Customer Care via email

You can also choose to contact our plenty of fish UK via email, which is another best and efficient way of getting your issues resolved almost instantly.

Be assured to receive an immediate response from our team of technical experts for all your emails.

The email is supported is available 24/7 throughout the year and you will always receive immediate responses to all your problems.

Our highly qualified and experienced technical experts are always there by your side to help you with all your technical issues.

We will get back to your email with appropriate and immediate responses that will help you resolve your issues efficiently.

pof customer service, pof phone number, pof technical support

How to recover or reset your pof account?

If you Forget your Pof account username then try to sign in with the mail address you used normally to sign up to plenty of fish or POF instead of your Normal username, and your usual password.

Then, next, you can verify your usual username by clicking “My Profile” Home screen. How To Contact Pof Customer Service Helpline | Plenty of Fish.

Pof Customer Service phone Number Contact Plenty of Fish, Pof Customer Service phone Number Contact Plenty of Fish, Pof Customer Service phone Number

Contact Plenty of Fish, Pof Customer Service phone Number Contact Plenty of Fish, Pof Customer Service phone Number Contact Plenty of Fish

Pof Customer Service phone Number Contact Plenty of Fish.

Delete POF – How to Deactivate PlentyOfFish Account

Have you made enough matches on POF or just not as much as you wished for?

PlentyOfFish is one place where most people would easily find matches and dates as per their choice.

However, after scrolling for a long time, some people tend to run out of luck.

This post is on Delete POF – How to Deactivate PlentyOfFish Account using which you can get away from this site.

PlentyOfFish is the best online dating portal so far and has been running for 14 years now.

However, it has seen controversial phases due to which people are now backing off from it as time passes.

The process to Delete POF is rather simple yet not clear to all. So, go through this post to learn the process of how to delete POF Account.

Why Delete POF Account? or Contact Pof Customer Service Helpline Plenty of Fish support

Firstly, to delete an account, the user must have one. The process to create a POF account is really easy.

If there are minor changes that you wish to make for your account then there is no need to delete the whole account.

You can simply edit your account and profile details by logging into the same.

There are plenty of reasons as to why the users would want to leave or abandon their POF dating adventures.

The main and positive reason we believe is that users may have found their match and are now committed.

In such situations, POF only requests the members to share their success story and then their account can be permanently removed from the service.

Other than that, if there is lack of matches, loss of interest, spammer issues, and all other things that negatively affect the users too.

Be whatever the reason, the service is accustomed to allowing every user create and also delete their accounts. So, read the process described below;

Steps on how to delete POF Account:

  • Initially, you will have to log in to your account on the main web portal of the service.
  • Once you enter your account, select the “Help” tab and then find “Delete Account” option. Another page will come with few description and below it, you will select “to delete your account – CLICK HERE”
  • The system will ask you to enter your Username, password, and then select the reason for deleting your account in a drop-down menu.
  • Finally, select “Quit/Give Up/Delete Account” tab to complete the process.

This way, your account will be removed from the database of the system.

If you have a premium account, we would like to tell you that you cannot redeem the cost of premium membership.

This does not matter how much duration has elapsed since the membership and the usage of the account.

Remember, the account deletion process can take place after 24 hours of creating an account and not earlier than that. Well, friends! This is it from our side.

We hope that this post on “Delete POF – How to Deactivate PlentyOfFish Account” has been helpful to all.

In case of queries, contact us at poflogin me. Thank you, dear readers.

Plenty of Fish: A simplified dating platform

Plenty of Fish (POF) provides free online dating services to millions of users who are looking for their best-suited partner.

POF analyses what users desire or wish for in their life partner according to the details shared by the users.

It provides the best matches across the local and foreign region which suit the interests of an individual.

so It has been successful in its attempt to mingle people with their ideal match.

It provides the best services and along with faster results.

With POF’s premium up-gradation, meeting or finding your ideal match becomes even faster.

For the convenience of the users, POF has also launched its mobile application which keeps them notified about any activity related to their POF profile.

Through mobile application, users can give instant replies to any of the matched profile.

The launch of the application has also solved the problem of Forget Password/Username issue.

As the application keeps you logged in so you don’t need to enter your username or password again and again.

Sometimes users access their POF profile once in a while and hence forget their username and password.

Then have to go through the procedure of POF Account Recovery to regain access to your POF profile.

This also resolves the issue of your profile becoming permanently inactive.

POF Account Recovery or username toll free number for helpline

Users who access their POF account once in a while or haven’t logged in for too long may forget their unique username or password.

To access any POF account, username and password are essential and hence you need to remember them.

If you fail to recall them, you can recover your account username or password through e-mail address linked to your account.

You can also use your e-mail address in place of your username to log in and then recover your username through profile settings.

Your profile linked e-mail address plays an important role in POF Account Recovery.

In case you have deleted your POF account, you cannot regain access to your account.

You will have to create a new profile if you wish to avail Plenty of Fish services.

You can recover your account if you have hidden your profile but not if you have permanently deleted it.

Any other issue with respect to POF Account Recovery can be cleared with the help of qualified and trained experts at POF Helpdesk.

You can avail 24*7 available POF Customer Services by calling the POF Customer Help Number.

Experts at POF Helpdesk are always available to resolve any issue related to your POF profile.

whether it is POF Account Recovery or anything else.

Problems related to POF Account Recovery ( Contact Pof Customer Service Helpline Plenty of Fish support )

  • If You cannot recover your account once it is deleted.
  • You cannot recover your account if you do not have access to your linked e-mail address
  • If  Your account cannot be recovered if it has become inactive.
  • Your e-mail addressed linked to your profile is crucial for most of the account recovery

For further POF Account Recovery information, you can contact 24*7 accessible POF Helpline Number .

Account recovery is fast and easy if you have access to your linked e-mail address, provided your profile isn’t permanently inactive or deleted.

Still If you have issues than chat with us for More solutions.

How to Contact Pof/Plenty of fish Customer Service help.

How to Contact Pof Customer Service Helpline Plenty of Fish support.

Pof Helpline For Support Plenty of Fish Customers

For many years, the dating scene included certain resources that would provide people with a chance of finding someone who they truly felt were a perfect match.

These services included personal matchmakers, speed-dating services, single cruises and vacations.

Today various new and exciting dating portals called sugar baby or sugar daddy dating sites have opened up in order to bring the affluent older gent and alluring sexy younger woman together.

Single or married rich men find this type of relationship extremely satisfying as their lovely sugar babies are skilled at lavishing them with just the right type of attention that leaves any man eager for more!

The online going out with website Plentyoffish offers its services to its users for free.

This matchmaking site is one of the most well liked going out with websites that is travelled to by nearly 900,000 constituents everyday.

If you desire to meet other records that you can be in a going out with connection with, this website will quickly help you do that. plenty of fish phone number

Since it offers a lot of characteristics and advantages to its members for free, you do not need concern about spending anything.

although, in order for you to start utilising these services, you need to list first and have your own Plentyoffish login credentials.

Pof Helpline For Support Plenty of Fish Customers

With the unique dating demands of individual mutually beneficial relationship, most of the standard sugar baby or sugar daddy sites fell flat.

Because they could not perfectly identify which men and which women fell into these categories.

Even the traditional online dating websites could not successfully provide the affluent community with a dating solution that worked.

However, many dating sugar daddy sites are realizing the potential of this growing niche and are providing valuable services that serve the needs of these discerning men and women.

While examining sugar baby or sugar daddy dating, it is essential to consider the calibre of members that a wealthy dating site attracts.

If you take a little time to peruse some of the online profiles you will find various opportunities.

That the men and women of such a specialized dating service afford and expect in return for their mutual gratification.

Like traditional dating sites the profiles along with photo contains a brief description of the member’s interests, occupations, lifestyles and so on.

Pof Helpline For Support Plenty of Fish Customers

You will have an option to search via age, geographic location, and star sign as well as use instant chat functions, messaging and even virtual winks.

Like any other regular dating it is important to spend time getting to know one another before meeting.

The smart men and women on these sites share the rewards on offer reciprocally.

This can take the form of admiration and affection, advice, assistance and financial gifts from her; although both usually do have very caring feelings for each other.

The specialized services that the rich, famous people are accustomed to are offered at sugar baby and sugar daddy dating sites.

which is why the clients of such services appreciate having the opportunity of meeting like minded men and women.

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    2. There is definitely a problem with the Plenty of Fish site. It lets you log in and on for a few days then blocks you from being able to log on anymore with no recourse. I feel this is being done purposefully because you can’t go back and delete your account and there is no way to contact them.

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    1. Want to cancel my account don’t charge me no more. pof customer service telephone number , pof help email , contact phone number , pof customer support phone , plenty of fish toll free number , how do i contact pof by phone? , phone number for pof dating site , pof help center , fishy customer care number , pof help center number , phone number for plenty of fish dating service , plenty of fish phone number usa , how to contact pof customer service by phone

  22. I just signed up yesterday. Created an account, a profile, uploaded pictures and received messages that I responded back to. An hour later I cannot log in. I had written the user name and the password down so I knew it was correct. Since this did not work I decided to rest my password, get a new one. I did this 10 times to my original email and to a new email. I never received a message in my email. I checked the spam folder as well. NOTHING. Now I spent another hour looking for your customer service number 1-800 which no longer exists!!!! Then I found this site and see that you give yet another phone number based in Vancover, This number again is all automated and you never speak to anyone. I found a customer service email, which no one responds to yet again its all based on automatic responses. I notice that I guy named Brian just gives people a number that never allows speaking to a live person. If this is POF’s customer service it absolutely is AWFUL. And if you cannot have a live person answering the phone then at least a tech support via live email. I have also noticed that many others have had the same technical issue as myself.

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    However, what about this? what if you added a little information? I am not
    suggesting your information is not solid., but suppose you added a headline to maybe get people’s attention? I mean Contact Pof
    Customer Service Phone Number | Technical Support Helpline is kinda vanilla.
    You should glance at Yahoo’s front page and watch how
    they create news headlines to get viewers interested.
    You might try adding a video or a related picture or
    two to grab readers interested about what you’ve written. In my opinion, it might make
    your website a little livelier.

  24. I am very upset with POF because if someone gets upset with you because u didn’t want to sleep with them. They start a campaign to get u off by the blocks or emails . That is horrible and POF takes u off. I am a Christian and work for Christian base nonprofit organization, I am hurt and disappointed they didn’t notify me first before taking these drastic action. I was planning joining next week on the first. How dare them treat u like this for honorable woman. My daughter said I should take it to social networks. Can someone send me the phone number to their customer care. Thank you

  25. Adalberto Bodi

    I was curious if you ever considered changing the structure of your site? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or 2 images. Maybe you could space it out better?



  27. Charles coulter

    Been on this site long time updated a few times and the last time was a nonth ago since I’ve updated I get less ladies to view then when I wasnt updated what gives cancellation is close. inquireringperson user name

  28. While using the app this morning and sending a message my account suddenly kick me out… I have been unable to login using email or username and someone has posted their picture with my profile when I do it for file search.
    Apparently my account and profile have been hacked… Please assist me in recovering my account.


  29. I’m needing help ASAP. Someone has hacked into my account and changed the email address and password. I need to delete my account immediately

  30. Apparently you have nothing better to do with your time. Why are you even on here then? Some of us put it 12-14 hour days at work and hit the gym. Time is an issue for many of us. And if you understood the gym lifestyle, we don’t go out to bars during the week. What would you like me to do? Stand outside with a sign that reads “im single”?

  31. Get off your asses and meet someone in person for a change! Unless you live in bumfuckville, you’re all way too dependent on the internet for your dating life. Studies show you’re 20x more likely to have a solid connection with someone you meet in real life and get to know vs. someone online.

  32. Terry Rocheleau Exactly!! my page does not look the same as before!! Aye.yaya. lol. pof recovery , pof customer service hotline , pof password reset email , how to contact pof customer service , pof help hotline , contact meetme , pof phone number customer service , pof usa customer service , pof help phone number , plenty of fish email , pof phone contact , pof help line , forgot my pof password , how to reset password on pof , contact pof phone number , change pof password , plenty of fish customer care , pof customer service line , pof dating site customer service , pof reset password email , how to contact pof , recover pof account , telephone number for plenty of fish dating site , cant reset password on pof , email pof customer service , pof hotline , pof billing phone number , pof not sending reset email , plenty of fish not sending password reset

  33. WHAHOO..Plentyoffish is back up. It’s time to put away my Blowup Doll!! pof customer service telephone number , pof help email , contact phone number , pof customer support phone , plenty of fish toll free number , how do i contact pof by phone? , phone number for pof dating site , pof help center , fishy customer care number , pof help center number , phone number for plenty of fish dating service , plenty of fish phone number usa , how to contact pof customer service by phone

  34. I need to find out how to go about getting account found and flag or deleted some has taken my pics and made a profile on POF
    i don’t have an account but this person is make me look very bad around my town and my fiancé is not happy about this need help now

  35. I am very disappointed in POF more than half of the women on there aren’t where they say they are and not only that I’ve already been ripped off lied to and deceived with everything about it and I’m very disappointed they don’t screen of people on there especially at night if you are on there after 10 there’s more chaos and Bs going on during the daytime. I’ve talked to plenty of women for a week or so next thing you know there in Nigeria or somewhere else that is not in the United States therefore I am giving a two thumbs down for this site because it’s a bunch of bs… other sites like match and them don’t have fake profiles don’t have women that lie to you don’t have women that don’t say where they are so as far as POF goes I am very disappointed it’s an uncaring thing every day and night .. too many hustlers and too many liars. I really think POF CEO must work on this to make it a better site for people that are looking for someone and not just some game

  36. Customer service is nice. I called them with my problem n he hung up on me. I called back n the same UK man answered n he wanted to charge me free to help me. .. satisfied with this sites customer service

  37. I have been on numerous times today, now it is saying my email password is entered wrong, it isn’t it is ok, then just a few minutes ago it said I was rejected could you help me, and tell me what is going on in my account?

  38. You need to know the following phone # published on Net as POF customer service is a helpful number. Called this morning with re-enrollment issues with photo marking of themed items but the “rep” from India said a man from Germany had hacked my cell but he could fix the problem for $5. , thus my reason for notifying you.
    Also, how did he know a MAN had hacked my number?
    The phone number I called is … shoot I can’t access my clipboard from this text box. Will post phone number in follow-up message. Thanks

    1. I am not either and I JUST created my account iless than 24 hrs ago. contact pof customer service , plenty of fish customer service contact number , pof reset password , contact plenty of fish customer service ,

  39. I can’t seem to be able to login to my account, please can you help? pof customer service contact number , contact number for plenty of fish , pof wont send password reset email , plenty of fish help phone number , pof not sending password reset , pof number customer service , plenty of fish technical support , pof 1800 customer service number , pof customer support number , meetme customer service , reset pof password , pof customer service chat , pof call center , pof password change , call pof , plenty of fish password reset not working , pof password reset without email , plenty of fish telephone number

    1. Eddie Boyce Holmes Jr

      The POF Dating Site Is Malfunctioning saying that, an error occurred and to check my connection or wifi and try again. Also the App isnt regconizing my EMail address to Login. Please help……….

  40. I was just billed for a year that i did not authorize. How do i get that refunded? pof telephone number , plenty of fish contact number in united states , customer service phone number , pof phone number for help , pof reset password not working , plenty of fish contact info , plenty of fish customer service phone , plenty of fish customer support phone number , plenty of fish 800 number , phone number plenty of fish , plenty of fish helpline , contact plenty of fish phone number , can’t reset password on pof , pof dating customer service number , phone number for pof customer service , phone number for pof website

  41. I can not log in. pof support , pof dating site phone number , customer service for plenty of fish , plenty of fish contact phone number , pof 1800 number , contact plenty of fish , pof customer support phone number , contact pof number , reset my pof password , not getting pof reset email , plenty of fish customer service manager , pof forgot password , how to contact pof by phone , telephone number for plenty of fish , contact pof , pof contact number us , customer service plenty of fish , pof help , plenty of fish contact customer service , plenty of fish dating site phone number

  42. I need to get like 6 months refunded that I didn’t use pof.
    , pof password reset not working , pof support service number , pof customer service helpline , customer service phone number for plenty of fish , pof customer service email , call plenty of fish , customer service number for pof , how to reset pof password without email , pof support phone number ,

  43. I am not able to sign in and when i do the options to send password reset to email i haven’t received an email and it has been over and hour. Please help. i dont want to lose my account. The email is the correct email.

  44. I created an account and am being told it is invalid an/or person is wrong. I do the recover pw. And get no email and u r not in spam mail nor blocked in my email settings

  45. I have been unable to remove my entire account pictures profile i have tried several times and not able to could you help me in this matter please thank you

  46. I thank I will have to change your name. 6 weeks now and still can’t get on.. Maybe change your to L A D Loose a date because that what happen to me.. Thank’s

  47. pof is denying me my account access i didn’t sign up for tech. problems this is the second time in a weeks time this has happened i haven’t used your site wrongfully i just cant log in keeps saying contact administration to resolve the problem.can you please resolve this issue once and for all i can’t seem to get my moneys worth of your service.thank you again Michael Beck

  48. I can’t sign in after I filled everything out and my pictures!! What is their phone number every one I tried doesn’t work…I don’t want this site !!.I want it deleted!! It’s horriabl!!!some one out there know anything to get out of this?

  49. Need someone at Pof to contact me back ASAP for a refund I went to upgrade for $6.95 a month and POF took over $80 from my account I can’t afford this I need a refund ASAP from Amanda9219

  50. Hi,

    I was thinking that your company might be able to use help answering inbound calls you receive every day.

    My company is backed by a network of USA-Based call centers who can do everything from give support to your customers, handle incoming sales, be your virtual secretary, support scheduling/orders and more.

    Is an Inbound Call Center quote something youd like? Just respond with (roughly) how many calls you receive each month, and Ill have the right person quickly get in touch.

    Best Regards

    Daisy C.

  51. Hi,

    Hoping all is well

    Im on and wanted to shoot you a quick note: Theres some specific strategies I see where I think has potential to develop more traffic from relevant keywords, and convert more visitors into customers

    To be clear: This is NOT like one of those mass emails you probably get in your inbox every day: Im a serious person who has several consultants I work with who are highly tenured at what they do.

    Would you be open to briefly connecting to check into what Im talking about?

    Mckenzie B.

  52. Tristan Cumberledge

    Every time I make an account it will get done with the information process and everything that I had to do to make the profile complete and when I hit ENTER it just take me right back to the same Starting LOG IN page that I started on when you click CREATE ACCOUNT. not to mention if I am successful at making an account it’s only active for a few days then you guy delete it. Why is that?

  53. I am trying to get logged on too plenty of fish can you please help me get back on l have tried a number of times can you please help me or give me a call on my mobile number is 07718224446 please help me get back into my profile

  54. I’ve been trying to unsubscribe from this website for over a year now and I am sick of the emails I just called you ask customer service twice and got hung up on

  55. Carlos Vintimilla

    i had to create my accounts so far three time but unable to login there can you guys watch what is happening. it saying my email adress is not real one. i cant able to login and unable to chat. so check what the hell is happening.
    Thanks in Advance

  56. My name is serafina maggio and I need help retrieving my profile account I cannot get in .I think I’ve been hacked because someone else was responding for me

  57. I want to cancel my pof account. I have tried several times on my own to do this on your website through my
    profile, but have made this process deceptively difficult.
    I have sought any attorney if this is not resolved from your end immediately.

  58. Hello To whom it may concern I was giving my email and phone number to marainbow32 ,however My phone when out of service and I didn’t give her my email and she sign off,is there anyway to give her my email and phone number 5715751862 ,Ramsey231 Mary. Is her name ,check our correspondence to confirm!!! Please help thanks

  59. I’ve changed my password at least 5 times I cannot get in to my POF it won’t let me keep saying having trouble with username or password I’ve changed everything and it still won’t let me can you please help me

  60. yes I have tried numerous times to get in and it won’t let me in my POF account can you please email me and tell me what is going on please

  61. I’ve recently started a website, the information you offer on this website has helped me
    greatly. Thanks for all of your time & work.

  62. Hi , I’ve had a pof account years ago . I’ve been trying to create a new account , but everytime I complete filling it all out at the end it says is doesn’t recognize my email . My email has been the same for years I use it everyday. This has become so frustrating since filling out a profile takes time. Can u please help me out . Thanks Marc

    1. I need help please evidently i am doing something wrong . i was able to complete and enter the app . went to get back on and it would not allow me . didnt recognize it said .i need a rep. To help .

  63. Hello
    My name is Steve. I recently joined your site. However I am trying to correct my age and the age. Of women looking to meet. Can u help
    Me. As o have not been able to find a phone number to talk to someone directly

    Thank you Steve. My e mail.

  64. Abram william Hart

    I have had nothing but problems on this site from day one and I have not been able to get throught to anyone. I want a refund because guiode lines and what you can do on the site has yet to come true..

  65. I made a profile yesterday, but am unable to log into POF today, neither on my phone nor on my computer. However, I got emails saying that google locked someone who knew my password (which was me) and tried to use it on another device (my phone)… so I know I used the right password. I sent the request to reset my password while on my phone. I had to get out of POF in order to check the text with my temporary password. When that happens, I had to start all over again. I went around and around in circles. So I tried on my computer this evening. But the email to change my password was never sent. This would be so much easier on the phone, but your phone number is disconnected. It’s a little frustrating. The text I got today said that my google verification code is:
    G-173086. My user name is debbielou2626. Is there anything you can do to help? Thanks

  66. I can’t login and it says my password is incorrect. Funny used POF this morning and it was fine. Tried resetting password but nothing goes to my email. Added POF to email contacts and nothing. Think my accounts been hacked. How the hell do you get in touch with someone to fix this?

  67. I want to delete my account from this site my friend signed me up with no app to find out who am dating I am with someone and because they don’t know he won’t be happy seeing me on this site or anyother

  68. Snow17 hides her profile then when comes online uses shows photos of other women that are taken copy paste fro. Web they are from the back does not show their face because us not her pictures.

  69. My name is Blaine I recently signed up for an upgrade on my account that I want to cancel. Please get back to me on this ASAP or I will be forced to take further action.

  70. I paid for a three month prescription and it was working now it wants me to upgrade y’all took my money and now it’s not working please contact me

  71. Arlene S. Hoffmann

    I was a member in Chicago and would like to be a member again but I can’t seem to log on but also can’t reregister So… please help me delete the old account and restart a new account here in Colorado

  72. I met someone on here Friday night and we met up. Her profile was gone by the time we met. She ended up robbing me and left me in the middle of nowhere. She stole my phone and I need more information to file this police report. It was Friday night between 6 and 9 pm Hawaii time when we started talking. Please help

  73. I met a woman on your site Friday night about 6 or 7 PM Hawaii time. I ended up getting robbed and left in the middle of nowhere she has my phone. I need more information to file a police report. Her profile is gone now. Please help.

  74. I have been having the same issues as those listed above, including having my account hacked when I tried to get a refund. Does anyone answer these emails?

  75. I can’t seem to set up the video part of POF. I received an email to verify my POF account and to verify my debit card info. I put in everything and it keeps saying change card information. This is the same card that I used to upgrade my POF account.

  76. my profile has been hacked, I need help now!!!!! i have recieved over 70 messages from women I have reached out too this guy james mills has hacked my account, I cant even log into my account because my password has been hacked too. I need help now!!!!

  77. Im trying to change my location from florida to Alabama and its not updating…i keep getting messeges from Florida and i dont wanna make a new account…

  78. Christopher Everette

    Could u please send me a reset so I can can change my password. It keeps saying I will receive a email but I never do.

  79. Brandy (bfree3780)

    I have been hacked twice. Just subscribed a week ago and this happened noth times. I want error fixed and want my 3 months free because of the inconvenience.

  80. I for some reason have an account on here but I did not create it, so I can not login.I put my address in the recover email, but nothing gets sent to me.
    Someone please help me

  81. On Wednesday 5th December I could no longer access my upgraded HumberGent account and no matter how many emails I sent I received no feedback. So, out of frustration I open an other account HumbersGent the following day, I then received an email from pof telling me my account was deleted because I had numerous accounts!
    Since then I’ve received no explanation from pof no matter how many emails I’ve sent of why my original account was closed and what can I do to get it reopened.
    Can anybody help because the apparent helpline telephone number doesn’t register either!

  82. I have been trying to find out about how to get a refund from here. The phone numbers that are listed to call do not work and the email that is listed all come back with a mail demon response that they can not be reached

  83. unable to log in and send request to reset pass word 4 times and not had any emails with code sent back.i have also send feed back and still no email.

  84. I cannot log into my account somebody hacked into it tried to contact the phone number for POF nobody answers the phone tried to reset my password my reset password email is going somewhere else still can’t log in today

  85. Calvin pemberton

    I deleted my profile a year and a half ago and I’m still get messages from people. My wife is very upset with me and I should have written you when I got the first email. But when some deletes a profile they should not receive any more contact from anyone on the site. I want thank you for ruining my life I should sue you for the anxiety your causing my wife doesn’t even want to look me anymore hope your happy with yourselves . If I don’t recover in my relationship because of this I will seek legal council against you

  86. Please don’t let snow17 45 years old use photo of other women on her profile main public pictire that shows the back not the face is not snow17. It doesn’t make sense to put a picture hide the face? She tends to copy and pste photos from the web of other women that only shows the back not the face then use it as her own on pof. Thanks

  87. Hi for some reason my email was dis attached from my previous profile Account Darklook I’m trying to retrieve it witch its still running on the site..I was able to create a new profile account but would like to cancel if my previous account can be current account Jayel41 is under the same email address

  88. I was having a really nice conversation with someone and their account got deleted for more than likely no reason and now I can’t find them anywhere and it really sucks

  89. I do not understand why I can not log into my account. I have been blocked off this website for no right reason at all. I am the girl in the photos. I just made my new account. It locked me out and will not allow me to log back in. I have not Done anything wrong on my account. Haven’t broken any terms and services. Stop deleting me! This is crazy! I can’t even receive emails from POF. This is so stupid.

  90. My ex-girlfriend created an account using my email address I want that’s posting removed immediately and I want to press charges against her

  91. snow17 she should not use photos of other women put it on her profile because is not her. this photos they dont show the face they are always shows the back from behind belongs to other women.

  92. Meredith Lynn Branch

    Your email address and your phone number for customer service don’t work. I’m trying to get a member to stop harassing me but apparently this is something that you categorize as a “silly complaint”, yes other users, look it up. They will kick you off if you have a personal complaint against another member, regardless of validity. POF, PLEASE MAKE YOURSELF TRANSPARENT. LET US KNOW HOW TO BLOCK OTHER MEMBERS EASILY.


  93. Miguel A. Lafontaine

    He tratado de entrar y tener mi cuenta de pof y me dice que necesito ayuda , he hecho 3 cuentas diferentes, y he llenado todos los espacios y nada.

  94. I can’t access my account. It keeps telling me my password or my user name is wrong. When I request the password change, it gives me the message that my email is not recognized. Can you help me with this issue?

  95. dodica17 is now snow17 she uses one her photos of other women that is not her. then she should not use the pics then hides when goes off line. the pictures they are always truned back to the camera hide the face because is not snow17. she changes the name often.

  96. I cannot get into my account. Someone told me I had blocked them when I hadn’t then I got an email saying there had been changes made to my account, but I hadn’t made any. When I went to login it would not let me and when I went to change my password it said a link had been sent to my email but I have never got it.

  97. Hi. I had a pof account last week for a few days I didn’t no how to use it so deleted it . I’m now wanting to give it another try but it won’t even let me register from a desktop or app using fresh details why woukd this be please. It doesn’t even get past the first page were you put email address etc .

  98. Hi I have set up Pof and whenever I log out and try to log back in,it won’t let me saying I have the wrong password could you set it for me to be able to come into the site.

  99. Katherine PEDROZA


  100. Hello
    Please do something about it don’t let snow17 45 years wbich before was dodica17 use photo of some women on Her prifile. Se hides pics because is not snow17 offline when online has the photo on and does not show face. Thank you

  101. Danielle Chattergoon

    My husband and I met on your site in January 2016. Even thought we lived only 15 min apart. I truly believe we wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for your website. Both of our accounts have been long gone. Is there anyway to get back the messages that was written.

  102. Hi I was in the middle of a convo when all my messages have gone and now I can’t even login nor reset a new password. Can u pls help me

  103. I cannot find any way to complain on POF. The phone numbers are bogus.

    I was on line for weeks with someone I believed to be real.
    Yesterday was the can you send me $100. My data is running out. Online there is actually that question which is one they use all the time.
    So, he’s been in the Army for 30 years. Special ops. Lt. General Johnson R Conner. In Jordan, expected home soon. Lives in Summerfield,Fl. Wife passed away in car accident with daughter. He did slip and call his dead wife his ex. Did not want to send photos he would get upset when I asked. couldn’t call, security issues. Ironically he morning he did call after I begged him to prove that he is real but with an accent. I asked him, he traveled all over the world and was in France for 8 years and that’s when he got it. He forgot to mention it. So now he speaks like a Frenchman. I was in love him , he with me. I’m completely broken. If you ever question anyone go on Pinterest. Hundreds of Army scammers. I did fine two pictures who look amazing like him although younger and thinner. I confronted him and he said Angrily I look to start trouble and that the internet has clouded me. and he wants nothing to do with me ever. Blamed everything on me.
    If you read up the military is known for scammers which is a shame.
    Please be careful. POF doesn’t come with high reviews. Actually just about the worse and most dangerous. Be careful.

  104. Hi hi closed my POF account almost 2 years ago and just realized through my bank statements that you guys have been charging me $40 every two months. Not one time has my account been active since that moment, I see no reason why you guys have been billing me this whole time knowing that my account is not active, how can I speak to a representative?

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