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DELETING YOUR POF ACCOUNT IS TROUBLE-FREE! POF SUPPORT NUMBER Step 1 – Login to your account and head to the top right corner of the page. Find the ‘Help’ option on the menu and tap on it. Step 2 – Once you click on the Help button, you will be directed to a link on the top center of the page that reads ‘Delete Account’. Click on it.  Step 3– You will now be given a lot of reasons in the form of testimonials to not delete your account. Scroll down to the bottom and reach the option ‘To delete your account, click here’. Press the option.  Step 4 – Now, enter your credentials and fill the required fields. Choose a reason for deleting your account from the drop-down menu and then eventually click on the ‘Delete Account’ option.  If you are still facing trouble to get your POF account deleted, you can always take help from the experts. Contact POF Customer support andto talk to a customer care executive. Use the toll-free helpline number to get in touch with them. Recover Your POF Account | POF Customer support If you have deleted your account, you will have to create a completely new profile to regain access to your POF account and its services. One cannot recover a deleted account on POF. Deleting your account means permanently abolishing your account. However, if you have deactivated your account, you can get it back. Deactivating your account means temporarily making your account invisible. If you have removed your account, then you cannot have access back. Forever deleting your account means you do not have the right to admission anymore. On the other hand, if you have hidden your profile, you can modify the settings and gain access to your account. If you are confused about how to change the settings and make your account unhidden, you can call POF customer support services by using the POF support number. High On Quality, Free On Service 
While using POF services, you may encounter certain issues. Never worry in such a situation as POF has got you covered. With its excellent customer support service,  you can solve any error in just a few minutes. The following are the most common situations where you may need the help of our experts.
  1. If you are having trouble logging in to your POF account, our customer care executives are always available for help. Usually, in such a situation, the issue is with an incorrectly typed email address, password or code. Reach out to the team if you are stuck in a similar situation.
  2. If your account is hacked or if you sense some sort of unauthorized activity through your account, immediately contact POF Customer support. The unauthorized activity can be summarized as an improperly sent message, forgery of personal information or any other type of unfriendly activity. Such activities indicate the presence of a perpetrator. So, it is your duty to inform the customer care team and have your data secured before it is too late.
  3. Any type of password related issue such as password error messages, password reset link expiry, forgetting your password, etc. It can be instantaneously resolved with the help of our experts.
  4. If you wish to buy a specific subscription plan or you simply want to upgrade your free account to a premium account, get your queries to the team and they shall dutifully address them.
  5. If you are encountering any type of network error, get in touch. Do not waste time struggling to mend the network issue on your own. Let our experts intervene and present you with the right solution.
  6. If you have any billing issues such as a canceled or expired credit card, insufficient funds, declined debit card, etc., fix your problem in a go. Simply contact an expert through POF’s highly-efficient customer care unit.
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