1. Hi can I PLEASE help or JUST delete my account. In having no success n deleting ad I already found some1 off line. Please please delete

  2. How can i create pof account without number verification or with number verification please tell me about this help me plz…

  3. My App crashed and now I can’t login. My username is WayneB73. Please explain how I can re login and ensure I still have a profile. Thanks.

  4. I deleted my POF account but wanted to make sure my subscription is deleted as well. I no longer need pof as i have found a partner. Thank uou.

  5. I’m trying to cancel my subscription they told me to log into the website which I did and go to account section there is no account section from my end I would like to cancel my subscription can you please show me how to properly thank you so much for your assistance hope you’re having a wonderful day

  6. having major issues trying to login via using my laptop. I have not issues using the phone app but i want to use my laptop. When i try to log in it says that my username or password is incorrect but that is not the case because i am logged in via mobile device. I was thinking of upgrading but i if cant use my laptop then i dont want to upgrade. horrible experience

  7. My account was closed and I do not understand why… I am real and honest just looking for my special someone.

  8. I am a upgraded member. I have a current subscription. But the app is not showing me as upgraded and allowing me to use the upgraded features

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