1. I have no other email address and I’m not getting a recovery password so I can get into my account. Ive checked spam, social, and primary. Not sure what else to do. Plse help!

    1. Curious what you ended up doing I have used my only email addresses that I’ve had for years and it’s not working either I can’t reset my password and I’ve been hacked pictures being put up that are not man pretty seductive excetera don’t know what else to do other than open up a new site but I can’t cancel the other one and I don’t want that out there

  2. I’m not receiving password reset email message or link. It is the correct email address. As I’ve got other notifications from pof. I’ve tried to log on using Touch ID – recognises my Touch ID but still doesn’t let me log on. I was using it literally 2 hours ago and now I can’t access anything.

  3. To whom it may concern I’m trying to reset my password you are not sending me the link to it ,,,could you please help me out thank you

  4. I have had to make 3 different pof accounts because I never get the password recovery email. This is frustrating..had one account almost 10 years. I’m pissed off

  5. I am very frustrated I can’t change my password after I change it it still wont let me in I have even tried making a new profile and it wont let me please help I am getting real frustrated

  6. This is really bullshit – I want my account canceled now. My credit card was scammed by this member – PreetyAlways143 I have had to shut it down and now wait for a new card. CANCEL THIS NOW AND INFORM ME IT IS COMPLETED – The next step will be my companies attorneys and I will bring charges. DO IT NOW and refund me. NOW.

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