How Did Pof Customer Service Become the Best

What is POF?How Did Pof Customer Service Become the Best

Plenty of fish (POF) is an online dating service.

Online dating service is a practice of searching for a romantic or sexual partner on the Internet, using a dedicated website, with the goal of developing personal, romantic, or sexual relationships.


Vancouver, British Columbia.

Who started it?

Markus Frind is the founder and chief executive officer of Plenty of Fish media Inc., (POF). He has graduated from British Columbia Institute of technology with a diploma in computer science in the year 1999.

To grow his business more he started to play the POF website ads of famous music singers like LADY GAGA’S “TELEPHONE “, Akon’s “available” in the year 2009.

In the year 2011, January 21, around 30 million user accounts of Plenty of Fish were hacked.

In the year 2012, February 28, US Army Lieutenant Peter Bucks sued Plenty of Fish (POF) under the parents’ lawsuit for allegedly uploading their son’s photos that were killed in Iraq war in 2007 without taking their permission for publishing it on the website. The parents demanded compensation.

Markus Frind stated that the millions of couples which made way to marriage after meeting on POF website had created successful marriages and completed families having babies.

On May 20, 2013, he made several changes on the website in terms of “intimate encounters option”. Markus Frind was intimidated by an inbox message if any person whether male or female above the age of 18 years has contacted the other person above 50 years of age. Another reason was not allowing males to attach photos to messages.

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The company Plenty of Fish was sold to the Match Group for $575 million by Markus Frind.
Services offered through the website Plenty of Fish are as follows:

Registration requirements

Plenty of Fish is free to register online. Visit POF Customer service

Users can also register through Plenty of Fishes (POF) APP available on the Google Play app, Apple Store and through the Windows Store as well.

In order to register, the user needs to read the terms and conditions after which he will be provided with a username and password to log in.

Chemistry Predictor

It is a test where users need to have 5 qualities in them which will help to build a powerful relationship.

Self Confidence

It measures the compatibility of the couple if they are comfortable with each other whether in public or private places.

Family Orientation

This checks whether the couple can reach up to marriage and have babies.


This checks how they can take control of not involving in other people lives.

Social dependency and openness

This helps in knowing whether the person is depending on others and how open he is to other people.

Easy going-ness

This helps in knowing the person’s psychological flexibility which in turn helps generate matches for them, this is the best way through Plenty of Fish to help users meet their matches and take their relationships to the next level of marriage may be.

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Safety ways to date on POF Website (Online Behavior)


Never send money to anybody through overseas or bank and credit transfers. Regarding these issues please contact pof customer service, pof phone number, pof technical support, pof toll-free number, contact pof customer service.

Plenty of fish will not send you an email asking for your username and password information.

Web Sensibility

Prevent suspicious customers from having a conversation with them.

Protecting personal information

Don’t share your personal information such as your credit card number, social security number or bank information. Plenty of fish will never ask you an email for your username and password information. You need to contact the plenty of fish customer care.

Report All Suspicious Behavior 

Anyone who violates our terms of use here, you can inform us.

Asking photographs, Minors using the platform, Members misbehaving during or after meeting in person, Fake profiles.


POF allows users to create and cultivate relationships. And as a member of the POF community, it is your liability to make sure you do the following if you choose to engage in sexual activity.

Protect Yourself Form Internet Slow Down issues .

Contraceptives like condoms can prevent acquiring STI, such as HIV. However, safety actions must be taken.

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Be Open and Honest – 

Many STI’s are curable. If either you or your spouse has been detected with STI which is curable, you both need to consult a doctor and start therapy to prevent becoming re-infected.


The risk of contracting some STI’s can be reduced through vaccination. Talk to your doctor or a professional at a sexual health clinic to learn more.

Know Your Status

Regular testing is important as some STI’s don’t show symptoms so that you can stay on top of your health and prevent the spread of STI’s.  Always ask for a copy of your test results to know your status.

Support or Advice help

For assistance, you can call our toll free number. For advice related to physical or sexual assault, please call the below toll free number.

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  1. Latisha Blackmon

    I have no other email address and I’m not getting a recovery password so I can get into my account. Ive checked spam, social, and primary. Not sure what else to do. Plse help!

    1. Curious what you ended up doing I have used my only email addresses that I’ve had for years and it’s not working either I can’t reset my password and I’ve been hacked pictures being put up that are not man pretty seductive excetera don’t know what else to do other than open up a new site but I can’t cancel the other one and I don’t want that out there

  2. I’m not receiving password reset email message or link. It is the correct email address. As I’ve got other notifications from pof. I’ve tried to log on using Touch ID – recognises my Touch ID but still doesn’t let me log on. I was using it literally 2 hours ago and now I can’t access anything.

  3. To whom it may concern I’m trying to reset my password you are not sending me the link to it ,,,could you please help me out thank you

  4. Kimberly Haynes

    I have had to make 3 different pof accounts because I never get the password recovery email. This is frustrating..had one account almost 10 years. I’m pissed off

  5. I am very frustrated I can’t change my password after I change it it still wont let me in I have even tried making a new profile and it wont let me please help I am getting real frustrated

  6. Gary Harpster

    This is really bullshit – I want my account canceled now. My credit card was scammed by this member – PreetyAlways143 I have had to shut it down and now wait for a new card. CANCEL THIS NOW AND INFORM ME IT IS COMPLETED – The next step will be my companies attorneys and I will bring charges. DO IT NOW and refund me. NOW.

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