Plenty Of fish customer service phone number 

Plenty Of fish Phone Number? Do you really need it? This will help You Decide!

plenty of fish Customer Service NumberDating websites have a huge number of users and with the big number comes the big responsibility too. You would need to have a sufficient staff of a customer service department to assist and provide resolution to the users’ issues.

You could check the self-help section of the website to find pretty much all the information you need to retrieve your lost account to delete your account permanently. However, in some peculiar cases, you would need to call the customer care to resolve issues.

I’ll explain a few scenarios where it is a necessity to contact the customer service. We try to provide one the best customer service experience to Plenty of fish and its users. Plenty Of fish customer service, Plenty Of fish phone number

Contacting Plenty Of fish customer service phone number Help

Premium Membership Issues

If you are a paid member of this dating site and you are facing issues such as not able to access all the features available on the site or as promised. You certainly need to contact our customer service. The number of customer care services change based on your location.

You May be Like to Know Pof customer service toll free phone number in the state of california

Since we have a global network and the multilingual barrier, we have different customer service sectors to assist this website with its concerns and issues. Don’t hesitate to contact us by using the toll-free number allotted for your location.

?Plenty Of fish customer service, Plenty Of fish phone number

Unable to receive Pof password reset email after many times

You are trying to retrieve our lost account but unable to find any success in doing so. You are welcome to contact our customer services. We ensure to provide a fruitful and pleasant customer service experience to the users of Plenty of fish with a proper and timely resolution. Plenty Of fish customer service, Plenty Of fish phone number

website – pof

Repeated membership charges after the account are deactivated and need a refund

You are no longer on this website but you are still getting charged for the services which you canceled some time ago. Please do not worry, we will certainly resolve your issue with the help of the staff from Plenty of Fish to provide a resolution from the customer services that we offer. Plenty Of fish customer service phone number.

You May be Like to Know Plenty Of Fish Support Helpline Email

Contacting Plenty Of fish customer service phone number Help

Not able to delete the account

You no longer wish to continue with us and would want your information to be removed from the site’s database. In this case, I’d recommend reaching us at the pof toll-free number and we will coordinate with the site’s staff to get the issue resolved on your behalf.

If you are facing such an error when you try to delete the account, it can be easily resolved with just a phone call.

Online chat option was unable to resolve your query

We do have an amazing online live chat service provided to the site from our end. If in case, your issue is not resolved over this medium, don’t hesitate to call us with your concern. We would be more than happy to find a solution on behalf of Plenty of Fish for you. Plenty Of fish customer service, pof customer service non free phone number.

Final Thoughts

Not every solution can be found on the website or through the chat services we offer to this website. So, you certainly need to contact us through a different medium and that can be through our toll-free number.

Location dependent numbers are available on our website, do holler when you are facing an issue which cannot be resolved by yourself. pof customer service, pof phone number, pof technical support, pof toll-free number, contact pof customer service

19 thoughts on “Plenty Of fish customer service phone number”

  1. I wasn’t wondering why it’s down. I only use it to supplement my active dating life. I meet a lot more quality people in person than on this sh-tty dating site.

  2. I have to keep re-registering you guys send me an email saying that my registration is confirmed as soon as I try to punch in my password it says wrong password it won’t let me log in

  3. Why don’t u fix the sites problems my pictures don’t show up . Ur allowing whores on the site . Why can any one block u for no reason

  4. Can’t recover password. i found your site using this thing pof customer service contact , reset pof password without email , pof customer support , plenty of fish number , and get my ass here.

  5. Nobody’s Business

    This is not customer service. 3 employees have hung up on me 5 times. I verified that the number was customer service for plenty of fish. Every one of the three claimed to be a supervisor. The last said it was not plenty of fish and called me a “piece of sh*+”. That’s fantastic customer service. phone number for plenty of fish dating site customer service , plenty of fish contact number , pof account recovery , pof number , plenty of fish customer service phone number usa , pof customer service phone , pof toll free number , pof password reset ,

  6. Dianne Cuddington

    I have paid my membership and have not been able to access my account for over a week. I cannot even logon as I keep getting the following message:

    The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.
    Your support ID is: 7278 1246 2041 3385 090
    [GO BACK}

  7. My account was deleted for no reason. It won’t let me create another one. The phone number doesn’t work. So much for customer support!

  8. Do not register for this if you haven’t already the only app I’ve ever seen on Apple but you simply can’t click to unsubscribe and when he tried to call and cancel that you’ll be on hold for a half hour and then I’ll hang up on you saying you hit the wrong button when he didn’t do anything it’s a total rip off plus I’ll charge you double what they say they’re going to this is one of the biggest scam website I’ve ever seen completely full of junk spammers fakes and just plain BS do not get involved with this app or website in any. Way

  9. My subscription is up in a week and I not longer want this service but can’t find a way to contact you to do this. I DO NOT WANT MY CREDIT CARD AUTOMANTICALLY CHARGE!!!!!! But cannot find how to accomplish this!!!!!

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