1. you took money from my PayPal account I never requested an upgrade.
    please cancel my profile refund my money
    14 April 2019 PayPal pof.com ref:
    40293557733BC £51.00
    please refund and cancel my account

  2. You guys have been stealing my money for about 6 months after I called and canceled my subscription and now today when I saw it on my credit card again I called and got hung up on. During further investigation I see that its damn near impossible to get a hold of anyone for a refund… the customer service “team” says there are no refunds and I can email pof. Which doesn’t seem to exist when you hit the links… way to go pof… I see a class action suit coming real soon once everyone figures out your “business strategy” to steal everyone’s money because it was very obvious to me that the site was worthless. Please contact me if you have any desire to be an honest establishment and refund my money

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